iPod Touch 4th Generation Home Button Replacement

Replace the Home Button in your iPod Touch 4th Generation.

Click. Click. Pfft. Has your home button stopped clicking? Use this guide to replace it. This guide is for replacing the plastic home button cover. If you need to replace the functional home button switch, go to this guide.

Edit Step 1 Home Button  ¶ 

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Edit Step 1 Home Button  ¶ 

  • The iPod Touch 4th Generation front panel is attached to the rear case by adhesive. The use of a heat gun to soften the adhesive is highly recommended.

  • With the heat gun set on "low", begin heating the lower portion of the Touch near the home button.

  • It is suggested to heat the desired portion in a circular motion pattern to evenly dissipate the amount of heat throughout the device.

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Edit Step 2  ¶ 

  • Beware, as the Touch will be very hot. It may be helpful to hold it with a towel while prying.

  • Insert the edge of an iPod opening tool between the front glass panel and the black plastic bezel near the home button.

  • Do not try to pry between the black plastic bezel and the steel rear case.

  • Pry the bottom edge of the front panel upward, being careful not to bend the glass excessively.

  • If it is too difficult to pry up the front panel assembly, reheat it and try again.

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Edit Step 3  ¶ 

  • When there is enough room to grab the bottom edge of the front panel, lift the front panel away from the body of the Touch to peel up the adhesive along its left and right edges.

  • If the adhesive is too difficult to separate, use a heat gun to soften it before proceeding.

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Edit Step 4  ¶ 

  • Due to the construction of the Touch, the digitizer cable cannot be disconnected until the logic board is removed. Use extreme caution when handling the front panel assembly, as it is attached to the rest of the Touch by the very delicate digitizer cable.

  • The display data cable is very short and is connected to the logic board near the top of the front panel assembly. If it does not become disconnected while freeing the top edge of the front panel assembly, be sure to disconnect it with a plastic opening tool before rotating the front panel assembly out of the Touch.

  • Carefully pull the top of the front panel assembly away from the adhesive holding it to the Touch, minding the short digitizer cable connecting the two components.

Edit Step 5  ¶ 

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Edit Step 5  ¶ 

  • Being careful not to rip any ribbon cables still connecting the two halves of the device, lay the device out so that you can access the back side of the display assembly.

  • Insert a plastic opening tool under the rubber holding the home button in place.

  • Slide the tool around the perimeter of the button, prying up as you go.

  • Lift the home button out of the device.

To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

For more information, check out the iPod Touch 4th Generation device page.

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what about replaceing it not take it off

sahar, · Reply

"To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order."

Nicholas Loudermilk,

So Nice. Its Fully help

Aamir Mushtaq, · Reply

can you make professional step by step tutorial on how to put the touch back together like the one you made to take it apart ?

lucy jones, · Reply

If you follow the guide from the bottom to the top, you can reassemble the device. If you disassembled the phone farther than the Home Button guide shows, go back to the device page and follow the guide that matches your device.

Sam Lionheart,

After I did this the bottom half of my screen became whited out when I put it back together. Is there anything that I can do to fix this?

P.S. Thanks for the help with the home button

Bryan, · Reply

Thank u . It was very useful

parsa, · Reply

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