Use this guide to replace the loudspeaker in your Huawei P9 smartphone.

  1. First switch off your phone and remove the SIM card tray.
    • First switch off your phone and remove the SIM card tray.

    • Unscrew the two Pentalobe P2 screws located at the bottom next to the device's USB C port.

    • If the screen is cracked you might want to use some tape to protect your eyes from glass shreds and get a better grip to open the phone.

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  2. Use an iSclack or a suction handle to separate the display unit from the rear panel.
    • Use an iSclack or a suction handle to separate the display unit from the rear panel.

      • Don't remove the rear panel completely yet. There is a cable connected to it! It is running from the finger print sensor to the display unit.

    If you cant get suction because of cracks in the screen, use wide tape to create smooth surface.

    Kent Alexander Johansen - Reply

    If your screen is smashed, and nothing else will work (iSclack etc), you can get a thin blade between the casing and the screen assembly and the bottom. The screen assembly can then be pried out. I fought with mine before discovering this. Be careful of the broken glass.

    Rob Collins - Reply

    I struggled to remove screen with suction cups due to damage to the back case. I used a jim to pry from bottom by usb c port, worked well.

    Philip Lloyd - Reply

    Be very carrefull as it can open in one fell swoop !

    Jean-Marc Boisseau - Reply

    On my model, I had 2 Little torx screws beside the USB port. If so, the screen won’t come out with them on.

    Lola Gillet - Reply

    Interesting, sure those were 6-starred (Torx) and not 5-starred (Pentalobe) like mentioned in step 1?

    Tobias Isakeit -




    Spread the Fixmas cheer.


    Spread the Fixmas cheer.

    • Disconnect the finger print sensor using a spudger.

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    • Undo the three Phillips #00 screws.

    • Disconnect the loudspeaker flex connector.

    • Remove the metal bracket (mind the adhesive underneath).

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    • Disconnect the motherboard flex cable and the antenna cable.

    • Unplug the headphone jack connector.

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    • Take away the charging board.

    • Now you can remove the loudspeaker (mind the adhesive underneath)!

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Attention, pour un P9 plus, il 4 vis à enlever à l’étape 4 dont 1 est cachée sur un point de peinture. On ne peut pas retirer le cache métallique si on ne l’enlève pas (sa forme est différente de la photo).

Il faut avoir de bons yeux (ce qui n’est pas mon cas) car pour remettre certaines vis ou connecteurs (l’antenne notamment), c’est chaud !

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J’ajouterai que pour l’étape 2, j’ai bien galéré aussi, ça a eu du mal à venir !

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Bonjour Francis, merci beaucoup pour les commentaires bien vus et félicitations pour la réparation réussie ! Vous voilà un expert pionnier du P9 Plus, alors pourquoi pas rédiger le tutoriel correspondant ? Bonne réparation !

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