If you wanted to change out your license plate lights, installing new LED license plate lamps is actually quite a piece of cake. You will have a new look with minimal effort in no time. This installation will not take much time and is great for beginners.

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  • You can choose to raise your car with a car lift jack to get better access to the license plate area. This is not absolutely necessary, but will make installation easier.

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  • Pull out the license plate lamp assembly and remove the stock license plate bulb.

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Image 1/2: Test to make sure the LED bulb works. Image 2/2: Test to make sure the LED bulb works.
  • Install back the new LED license plate bulb.

  • Test to make sure the LED bulb works.

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  • Put the license plate assembly back and repeat on the other side.

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  • Once everything works, you can enjoy your new LED license plate look.

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See how easy installing these LED license plate lights are? It's almost unbelievable how a quick and simple installation could make such a difference.

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