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How to Fix Jammed Nintendo Switch ZR and ZL buttons

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  1. How to Fix Jammed Nintendo Switch ZR and ZL buttons, Unscrew the back cover: step 1, image 1 of 1
    • Using the Y00 Tri-Point screwdriver, remove four M1.4 x 5mm screws to loosen the hard plastic back of the Joy-Con.

    • After the screws are removed, lift the cover to reveal the inside of the Joy-Con and locate the ZL button.

    • The button exposed could either be the ZL or the ZR depending on which Joy-Con needs to be fixed.

  2. Tool used on this step:
    • Use tweezers to lift the ZL button a little then pull upwards to get it back into place.

    • Once the button is back in place, place the hard cover back on the Joy-Con and screw it back on.

    • Click the button a couple times to ensure that it's back in place and working.

    • This may either be the ZL or ZR button depending on the Joy-Con being fixed.

  3. How to Fix Jammed Nintendo Switch ZR and ZL buttons: step 5, image 1 of 1
    • Resume gameplay!


After following those 7 steps, your gameplay should return to its original state. If the other Joy-Con also has a jammed ZL or ZR button simply repeat the 7 steps above.

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