The Wi-Fi card provides a wireless connection to a network. If it fails, you may be left with no other option to connect the tablet to the internet.

  1. Turn off the device.
    • Turn off the device.

    • Place the tablet screen side up.

    • Make sure the device is turned off to avoid damage.

  2. Use the metal spudger to press an opening between the screen and back cover.
    • Use the metal spudger to press an opening between the screen and back cover.

    • Plastic tabs are located on each corner of the back cover.

    • Be careful, as the plastic tabs are delicate.

    • Wedge the plastic opening tool between the screen and the back panel to keep tension constant.

    • Slide the metal spudger around the casing to separate it from the inside of the tablet.

    • Flip the tablet over so the screen side is down after all the tabs are separated.

    • Remove the back panel by delicately lifting it straight up.

    • Identify the DC power connection cables.

    • Remove the adhesive tape.

    • Battery

    • Battery power conections

    • Use the tweezers to grab hold of the red wire and desolder the connection to the circuit board.

    • The soldering iron is hot, and will cause the wires and motherboard to heat up.

    • Instructions for desoldering can be found on iFixit's page Soldering

    • Use the tweezers to grab the black wire and desolder the connection.

    • Do not let the ends of the black and red wires touch.

    • Desolder the connection, while using the tweezers to grab hold of the yellow wire.

    • The battery is attached to the tablet with an adhesive. Use the flat end of the nylon spudger to peel the battery off the tablet.

    • Identify the card and its connection to the motherboard.

      • The card itself.

      • The area where the card connects to the motherboard.

    • Peel off the adhesive tape holding the wires down.

    • Desolder the wire.

    • Use the tweezers to peel the Wi-Fi card off.


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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