If the Vivoactive's display unit is cracked or still unresponsive after trying other solutions in our troubleshooting guide, this guide details how to replace the screen of the Vivoactive. This is a simple procedure that will leave your device looking new and functional again.

Note: Replacing the screen will damage the waterproof adhesive.

  1. Hold the the metal screwdriver, with a T5 Torx bit, in your dominant hand.
    • Hold the the metal screwdriver, with a T5 Torx bit, in your dominant hand.

    • Hold the rubber screwdriver, with a Hex T6 Torx bit, in your other hand.

    • While holding the rubber screwdriver in place, simultaneously unscrew the pin (counterclockwise) with the metal screwdriver in your dominant hand.

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  2. Once the 1mm screw is removed, reinsert  the metal screwdriver in that same hole.
    • Once the 1mm screw is removed, reinsert the metal screwdriver in that same hole.

    • Gently push the strap's pin out. It will begin to protrude from the other end.

    • Use your fingers to grab the exposed pin and slide it free. The strap should now be disconnected from the device.

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    • Place a heated iOpener over the display to loosen the adhesive.

    • After about a minute, the iOpener may be removed.

    • For more in depth instructions on using the iOpener, refer to the iOpener guide.

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  3. Spread Fixmas Cheer
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    Spread Fixmas Cheer
    Get $12 off your purchase of $50 or more with code FIXMAS12
    • Place the blue plastic opening tool in-between the screen and plastic casing of the watch and slowly pry up one side of the screen.

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    • Once the first side has come free, wedge the blue pick in between the screen and watch unit on that side.

    • Complete one pass around the perimeter of the screen to break the adhesive bond on all four sides.

    • Insert it a minimal distance to avoid damaging internal components.

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    • Use the blue plastic opening tool to pry up the side of the glass. Raise it to a point where your fingernail can fit in the gap.

    • Do the same on the opposite side of the device until you have a good grip of the screen.

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    • Obtain a careful grip of the screen from two of its sides.

    • Slowly lift the screen off of the case. Separate it just enough so as not to damage the connection to the motherboard.

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    • Detach the orange tab that connects the screen to the motherboard with a gentle uplift using a plastic opening tool.

    • Upon completing this step, the screen should be free from the rest of the device.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Does anyone knows where can I buy a vivoactive display?

dragomariano - Reply

I need one vivoactive display too. If I can find how to find, I'll share it here.

erol - Reply

Did anyone ever find a location where you can order a replacement screen?


dylanreynolds - Reply

Any links found for replacement screen?

dskggray - Reply

I've called Garmin support service but they said that displays units are not for sale from their side, only entire watch can be sold. I find it quite strange for not saying stupid because it's normal that using a watch displays can have a problem or that can be broken and easily fixed by replace them.

Being that said, if someone finds an alternative please share it, thanks

dragomariano - Reply

I purchased a vivoactive sports watch in April and have experienced a problem with the sports watch screen. When I took a recent flight from Kraków to London the screen cracked from top to bottom and the screen lifted along the crack when the aircraft went up to 38,000 ft. There was no issue with the screen before this flight so I am assuming there must have been a fault with the screen which was exposed when there was a cabin pressure change. Has anyone else experienced this issue? Garmin have responded to my complaint saying that the damage must have been caused by a heavy blow to the watch and accidental damage is not covered by warranty and therefore the cost of repair (£82.50) must be paid by me. Naturally I am VERY disappointed by their response and I'm trying to find out whether anyone else has experienced this sort of issue. Thanks for any help anyone can provide.

Chris Goulder - Reply

Hello. Yes to your question. I have a Vivosmart HR bought around 4 months ago. I have not bashed it all as far as I know and a scratch appeared (no big problem) but then this scratch became a whole series of cracks across two thirds of the screen and the plastic/glass has an almost flaky appearance as if the the plastic were flaking off in layers. I only use it for pilates, spinning, walks... I have not knocked it. Garmin haven't got back to me... good luck,

MaLuv -

I had used my Vivoactive HR for four months when the glass cracked FROM THE PRESSURE OF MY FINGER ONLY. Admittedly, the screen was turning unresponsive, so I pressed harder than usually, but still..... Same procedure from Garmin: claiming that there had been a previous blast to the screen, and refusing to cover anything. I am a 60 year old professor of Theology using my watch primarily to track daily steps and so forth. I know there had been no blast, so this statement from Garmin is extremely provocative to me. Would seem from the conversation on this site, it is simply how Garmin deals with customers. My conclusion: Find a different brand!

Terje Stordalen -

Why would they have something showing you how to replace the screen if they won't sell replacements? you can get replacement screens for all other garmin devices

Marc Shaw - Reply

hi where can I buy the display unit

Ronald Kutschi - Reply

Does anyone know if the replacement screen can be purchased in the UK?

Alison Milne - Reply


In Estonia local Garmin seller does´t have any display here. They sent query to the Garmin headquarters to find out is it possible to change the screen unit and how much it will cost.

Andris Viimsalu - Reply

Got answered

"Sorry for delayed response. The factory respons to the problem was, they still do not offer repairs because it is too new product.

Are likely to be added to the list of repairs until the summer of next year."



Andris Viimsalu -

Just had a broken screen through no hard use. Garmin refuse to help. The Vivoactive HR product is a dud anyway, HR functionality did not work during exercise anyway. Don't buy it if you were considering it.

Tony Holley - Reply

Clicked on the links but came up no product available. Could you please give me more details so that I can search for it myself?


David Tyson -

Just spoke with Garmin support. They do not fix screens just send you a new one for $120.00 charge. Really?!?!?!?! That is almost the cost of the watch. Just like above comments, barely tapped screen and it cracked with lots of small crack lines. Garmin help desk said it is impossible to crack unless it was hit "VERY" hard. Not the case. We are very disappointed and will never buy another Garmin.

Karen Pearce - Reply

I havent been able to find a replacement screen either. My screen brooke without any abuse either.

Jacky Dean - Reply

I am not happy reading this I just got a vivo for christmas and some how the screen cracked from top left to bottom right. was looking on how to replace this and came across this you can't find a replacement glass maybe i should have researched it MORE so bummed,got this because the wife's fit bit band won't stay fastened she lost it couple of times, but found, you can't replace the band on it so I thought this would be a better choice I guess i was wrong I will keep looking

goturdun1 - Reply

I bought a vivoactive hr and like a lot of others I thought I was treating it ok...not too rough. Woke up one morning and screen has a big crack down the centre, top to bottom. Screen is now unresponsive and Garmin's response was allow me to buy another at half essentially I end up with a working unit (for how long?) that costs me AU $600. They must think their customers are stupid! Will not buy another Garmin product with their awful support.

Wayne Hicks - Reply

I bought this Garmin watch as a replacement for another model of Garmin watch that died several times under warrantee. This watch is just as bad. I treated this watch like it was fragile and the screen cracked. I guess I should have left it untouched in the box, then maybe and I mean maybe the screen wouldn't have cracked.

Leroy Blount - Reply

Not impressed at all. After four months the watch screen looked like crap , then woke up one mourning to see a crack rite threw the center. Contacted Garmin and they said I must have bumped it or the drastic temperature change from Canadian winter to inside warm house.. caused it to crack. They asked me how much I wore it and I said 24/7 it's an activity tracker I thought!! In all my years of construction I never had any problems with watches or watch faces. In the end as a courtesy gesture they are replacing the watch, but I feel it's kind of useless to me now because it doesn't serve the purpose I bought it for and what I believed I was buying. Wishing now I should have purchased an Apple Watch.

Wayne Rychly - Reply

Mine just cracked after a year, I am not sure how. Any updates on where to find the replacement screens? I own a cell phone repair store and can easily do the repair, but none of my venders carry the replacement screens. I also tried ebay, Amazon and an internet search with no results. I wish I would have tried the tempered glass. Any reports on tempered glass helping?

Kevin Gilson - Reply

For 2 months I am using the Vivoactive hr. Now without any reason my screen is broken even with my glassprotection on it... what I've read before there is no solution? I will contact Garmin and tell my story and all the bad promotion if they won't help me...

Johan - Reply

Nobody has found a source of screens for the vivoactive yet? My wife's just cracked and the back button doesn't work anymore now.

Nigel Brown - Reply

Kidda a silly ifix it seeing as the parts are no where to be found...

Nigel Brown - Reply

I bought one for my son and it broke just 2 months due to impact on falling. Now part of the screen is not responsive. He had a tempered glass on the display but didn’t help much during the impact. Would also like to find out where to purchase a replacement display as the watch is barely 3 moths!

Sok Teoh - Reply

Cracked my screen while playing tennis, the racquet hit the screen. Touch is unresponsive. Was looking for a replacement screen and came here. Now I feel I should have researched more before trusting Garmin. It has great products but terrible customer service. Would always advise my friends to keep away from Garmin from now on.


Anyone found a replacement supplier?

Magne Lilleli - Reply

But now is out of stock… Ask to the seller, if you ask then we'll have more probabilities to got it. About 45€

nose jaja - Reply

Like many others my screen cracked under daily use. Garmin said they could repair it for £100.56 (important that 56p). I replied telling them exactly what I thought of that DUD offer. Won’t buy any Garmin product again - daylight robbery. Chris, Edinburgh

thebhoytaylor - Reply

Same with me, had a vivoactive hr lasted 4 months then large crack top to bottom ( but still working) and then later completely cracked all over, now useless . I’m not paying £100 to fix it. Gone back to my old to tomtom.

real shame as I miss the watch only problem with it was the screen.

Ralph h - Reply

Have had trouble with my vivocative hp watch. Screen not working. Contacted Garmin through call centre. Did not get much support there so emailed twice which I had no reply from them. So wrote a letter asking for repair taking into account they brand their items as BUILT TO LAST!!!!! After about 6 weeks later Garmin emailed me saying I needed to take my concerns to the seller not them as they are just the manfacture. I feel Garmi n as let me down and also themselves. I will not purchase an Garmin watch ever again

Steve - Reply

Has anyone found a source for the replacement screens yet? There seems to be quite a bit of demand for it.

andy.biro - Reply

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