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To reassemble your device, follow the video guide

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Excellent video on the repair procedures of the Galaxy Note 10.1. Will refer to it if ever have the need to repair any of the componants. Good Job.

Jim - Reply

Aces brother!!! Replaced my digitizer by following your instructions!! Saved me over $150.00!! THANK YOU!!!

Dan - Reply

Dan, where did you buy the digitizer from? I'm looking for a trusted OEM distributor.

Stephanie -

Bought the digitizer from China on Ebay (cui1873), followed this video, and BAM! I have a fully functioning tablet again. This video is awesome and the parts came in as described.

Stephanie - Reply


To change the digitizer, it is essential to remove all or just the cover and the battery!


fastenspy69 - Reply

Amazing work..

Mahmoud - Reply

Never put a case on my 10.1 and I use it at work alot. Screen is mint because ive always had a protector on it but the back panel and grey trim is all gashed and scratched up. Anyone know where I can buy new back cover and trim for the 10.1?

tom - Reply

Worked to fix my loose display cable! Thanks!

Jason McShane - Reply

Wonderful. Every detail has been explained very patiently. Thanks for the helpful video.

Anurag - Reply

This is excellent - thank you! My Samsung Galaxy 10.1 has just given up the ghost but thanks to you I shall have a look inside...

By the way - when I click on your next button it takes me back to the start of the video.

Simon Woods - Reply

Thanks for the info, I've now removed it....


Excellent video! Thanks so much for putting this together. My two+ year old Note10.1 fell from my desk at work onto the carpeted floor. The display screen was blurry and pixelated afterwards; I suspected an LCD cable was jostled loose and needed to get into the back of my tablet. 10 minutes into this video, I was able to access and locate the problem and repair it. Thanks, again.

Allen Christenson - Reply

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