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  • Answer to: Galaxy s3 usb port not working?

    Replacing the usb charging port needs the use of a 'hot air' soldering iron. Google for part number 3722-003512 and find a local tv repair shop as they should have the skills and equipment to replace it. Or you can invest in a wireless charging kit (search eBay for 'galaxy s3 wireless charging') and use wifi to move your files..
  • Answer to: How can I get new screen for nexus4

    When you have a new screen you can use this guide to replace it. If you buy a new screen without the frame, you'll need to remove the broken screen from the metal frame. I'm uploading a video for this in a few days
  • Answer to: No manual for Nokia Lumia devices?

    Here's a video showing how to replace the battery and all the other parts
  • Answer to: Galaxy note 2 - N7105 parts and how do guides

    Here's a guide for disassembly http://youtu.be/UT-2zrZ_aNo I hope to have a screen guide up soon...
  • Answer to: Where to order a replacement screen?

    When I Google for 'galaxy note n8000 lcd' and clicked the shopping link I found lots of results. If its only the digitizer that's damaged try a search for 'galaxy note n8000 digitizer' and click the shopping link. For a detailed video on how to replace it search youtube for 'galaxy note 10.1 repair' and you should find my video...
  • Answer to: How to change lcd panel and digitizer

    Try this video guide http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PXOOjmeqI...
  • Answer to: Problem regarding the power button

    The power button is made of a flexible plastic. I don't think there is much you can do to fix it yourself. I would return it again and ask they fit a new button. Or if you can find one online fit it yourself. Its very easy to replace as it pushes out from inside quite easily