This guide will tell you how to replace your LCD screen. When working with screens, be careful about electrical discharges, and take steps to assure that the battery is disconnected for awhile before you follow this guide.

  1. Remove the screw cover by using tweezers.
    • Remove the screw cover by using tweezers.

  2. Using the phillips screw head (PH00), unscrew the 9 6.8mm philip screws.
    • Using the phillips screw head (PH00), unscrew the 9 6.8mm philip screws.

    • Use the regular black nylon spudger tool to pry around the base edges of the back cover and remove it.

    • Gently pull upwards on the latch with tweezers

    • When you've flipped the latch open, pull the ribbon cable outwards to disconnect the back cover from the motherboard.

    • Using the phillips head (PH0) screwdriver, unscrew the 3 4mm screws.

    • Use your fingers (or a set of tweezers) to remove the battery cable, pulling gently from the sides of the connector.

    • Use the phillips screwdriver with the PH000 head to unscrew the 3.8mm screw.

    • Using the tweezers, pull the white and black wires off of the WiFi Chip.

    • Pull out the WiFi Chip.

    • Remove the two screws that hold down the LCD hinges.

    • Pull the hinges back and remove the screen.

    • Remove the hinge covers with your spudger tool.

    • Carefully remove the LCD Bezel with your regular black nylon spudger tool by bringing it all the way around the outer edges of your screen.

    • Remove the four screws with a PH00 sized bit.

    • Flip the screen over.

    • Loosen the tape, and remove the LCD Cable.

    • Remove the screen.


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Between steps 9 and 10, the motherboard is removed and no description photos are provided for this. I undid the cable on the right hinge and then removed the hinges and screen with the motherboard in place, but the pictures definitely show it removed. Otherwise a very easy to follow process.

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