This piece can be particularly hard to remove. For the last step pliers may be used (and may possibly allow you to replace the press earlier in the guide), but in order to ensure no damage is done using your hands is preferable.

  1. Flip open the top panel to reveal water reservoir.
    • Flip open the top panel to reveal water reservoir.

    • Grab the water reservoir by the handle and lift out.

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  2. Flip the device on its head.
    • Flip the device on its head.

    • Using the Phillips #2 screwdriver, unscrew the four 12 mm screws found at each corner of the bottom panel.

    • Lift the panel off or flip the device over and let the panel drop out.

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    • Before flipping the device, removed the black container and grill.

    • Flip the device on its head, front end facing you.

    • Using the Phillips #2 unscrew the two 52 mm screws found underneath the top portion of the device.

    the tip about removing the black container and grill should be before step 2.

    Jesse - Reply

    • Flip the device back to its proper orientation.

    • Using the Phillips #2 screwdriver remove the two 52 mm screws found on the lip next to the reservoir.

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    • Insert the two plastic opening tools beneath the top knob.

    • Use the two plastic opening tools as leverage to lift the top knob off.

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    • Grasp the lid firmly with both hands.

    • Pull mightily with both hands away from the device.

    • If you hear a slight snapping sound, it is supposed to do that.

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    Spread Fixmas Cheer
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    • Use a plastic opening tool to push in the slot on the back panel while lifting.

    • Similarly, reach into where the reservoir used to be and insert a plastic spudger underneath the inside panel.

    • We recommend to not use your fingers for this step because there is a chance they will be pinched.

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    • You are now ready to lift the top off.

    • Place one hand near the back, the other at the front, and lift.

    • You may want to lift the front and back individually by pulling one a little off the part before the other. Afterwards, lifting the top off entirely will be easier.

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    • Twist the frother clockwise while pulling gently.

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    • Remove the four 16mm screws with a T20 Screw head.

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    • Remove each clip from the valve and core using the precision angled tweezers.

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    • Pull out each LED with one quick tug.

    • Similarly, remove each set of wires from the setting tuner with one quick tug.

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    • Flip the device and remove one end of the tube from the reservoir hole.

    • Completely remove the other tube from both the reservoir hole and filter to the water pump.

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    • Pull the tube through the chamber with the water pump so it comes out of the top end.

    • Twist the valve counter-clockwise while pulling gently.

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    • Tilt the core towards the front while lifting from the back.

    • If the core is proving difficult to remove, a wire might be caught somewhere, likely near the water pump. We recommend shaking slightly as you lift since the frothing tube is at an odd angle.

    • We also recommend that you remove the valve before removing the core so that there is less obstructing movement. But the core can be removed without removing the valve.

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    • Pinch the two sides of the top of the coffee press to unlatch.

    • Push down into the device as you pinch.

    • Orient the device with the front facing away from you.

    The purpose of this tutorial is to replace the "support" right? Is Coffee Press and Support the same reference? I bought a new support to replace one where the plastic pieces broke on the interior track causing a poor seal where the espresso basket fastens onto the unit.

    emeraldblue70 - Reply


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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