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Computer Software

  1. Computer Software, Software First aid: step 1, image 1 of 1
    • Here are some of the resources we've collected to deal with software problems.

    • How to deal with a slow laptop. Perhaps the commonest single problem we deal with at Restart Parties.

    • Just a few Windows miscellaneous tips.

    • Apple miscellaneous tips for users of OS X and Macs.

    • USB bootable tools - when the operating system won't boot or is riddled with badness, this is where to turn.

    • (Continued in the next step...)

  2. Computer Software, Once the patient is out of danger...: step 2, image 1 of 1
    • And to gently expand your mind a little:

    • Be your own security expert - a very important topic - how to stay safe ourselves and help others stay safe too.

    • Disk wipe utilities - how to put your private data beyond recovery when you dispose of a computer.

    • Linux migration - how to throw windows out of computers. Whether you're fed up with Windows or want to give an old laptop a new lease of life, Linux is an excellent option, and needn't be in the least frightening.

    • BIOS is so yesterday! Find out about UEFI and GPT without blowing your mind.


Remember, you always need one more reboot than you thought you did.

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Hi, Nice tutoring

Only... Make shure that there is specialize software on that system... Because that program also scans for registry entries that are not regular. Can screw up some software packages

Yoeri Horn - Reply

I think you’re referring to Ccleaner. The registry cleaner gives the option to create a backup registry file of all the entries it changes, so if anything goes wrong you can easly revert any or all of them. Always a good idea though if any “specialised software” doesn’t play by the rules and gets caught out I would maybe question whether to give it space on your computer!

Philip Le Riche -

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