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  • Soldering is required to install this battery one or two batteries may be required verify how many you need before you order

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  • First pry the left side of the cover off, then pry the right side of the cover off before removing. Trying to pry the cover off from only one side will result in breaking the plastic tabs.

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  • Pull the side covers off from the bottom, they hinge from the top and will come off freely once you rotate them up and away from the body starting at the bottom.

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  • You will need a T9 hex screw driver.

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  • R17 AA NiMh Battery With Pin Tabs 1650 Mah 1.2V Battery Measures .559" x 1.97", 14.2mm x 50mm

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  • Replacing the batteries will not always repair the shaver, the circuit board may be bad, if the indicator lights on the circuit board do not light up when plugged in the circuit board is most likely bad, you should replace the entire circuit board and battery assembly.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Great tutorial. It was all I needed, since I wasn't sure how to get the case open. Thanks!

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