In order to access the inner parts of the laptop both the fan shroud and plastic cover have to be removed. This guide will show you how to remove the plastic cover.


No tools required.


No parts required.

  1. Use a PH1 screwdriver bit to remove the six M2.5x13 screws (2.4 mm) on the back of the laptop.
    • Use a PH1 screwdriver bit to remove the six M2.5x13 screws (2.4 mm) on the back of the laptop.

    • Use a PH1 screwdriver bit to loosen the one M2x3 screw (1.9 mm).

      • The M2x3 screw (1.9 mm) does not come out completely.

  2. Pull the base cover up to remove it.
    • Pull the base cover up to remove it.

    • If you are having trouble, insert a plastic opening tool into the divots along the laptop's edges to loosen.

    • Removing the cover may require some force.

    • Disconnect the battery connector cable, located on the right side of the laptop, above the hard disk drive.

    • Once you have removed the cable, wait 5-10 minutes to allow the laptop to power down.

    • Failure to remove the battery connector cable properly may damage other parts of the laptop.

    • Use a PH1 screwdriver bit to remove the four M2.5x5 screws (2.4 mm) on the hard disk drive.

    • Gently lift the HDD cable to disconnect it from the laptop.

    • Pull the hard drive up to remove.

    • Move the metal sidings outward to release the RAM card.

    • Slide the RAM card out towards yourself to remove it.

    • Repeat the same step for the RAM card above.

    • Slide the RAM card out carefully to avoid damaging it.

    • Locate the WI-FI card.

    • Gently undo the clips attached to the wi-fi card.

    • If the clip is not gently removed it is possible that the entire base will be torn off the wi-fi card. You will need to purchase a new wi-fi card if this occurs.

    • Peel back plastic cover of wi-fi card.

    • Use a PH1 screwdriver bit and remove the one M2x3 screw (1.9 mm)

    • Locate the cables that connect the wi-fi card.

    • Gently pull upwards to remove cables and slide the wi-fi card out from its slot.

    • Remove the one M2x3 screw (1.9 mm) using a PH1 screwdriver bit

    • Slide the solid state drive towards yourself to prevent damage to the card.

    • Remove the two M2.5x7 screws (2.44 mm) located on the rear panel using a PH1 screwdriver bit.

    • Insert the plastic opening tool under the fan shroud to slowly lift it up.

    • Repeat process on the middle and opposite side.

    • Firmly lift the plastic opening tool and pull the fan shroud towards you.

    • This will take a large amount of force and will not come out easily the first time.

    • Careful not to tear out the piece causing damage to the fan shroud

    • Unscrew the two M2x3 screws (1.9 mm) at the top right and top left of the laptop that hold the tron lights in place.

    • Follow the wiring to unplug the tron lights.

    • Remove the fourteen M2.5XL8' screws (2.4 mm) located in the plastic cover using the PH1 screwdriver.

    • Use the plastic opening tool to gently lift the sides of the cover.

    • Slowly lift up the plastic cover.


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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