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按照本指南更换 Sony Playstation 4 上的主板。

主板和光驱是配对的,因此只更换主板会导致设备无法运行。请务必为你的 PS4 型号订购正确配对的光驱和主板,并更换两者。

在开始任何维修之前让你的 PS4断电。

  1. 双手握紧PS4的中间空隙 用拇指向外侧推开上盖。 向上和向后提,这样就可以移除盖板。
    • 双手握紧PS4的中间空隙

    • 用拇指向外侧推开上盖。

    • 向上和向后提,这样就可以移除盖板。

    I have a CUH-1102A version of this PS4.

    Would this teardown work for it?

    Cary B - Reply

  2. 使用十字螺丝刀卸下将硬盘支架固定到外壳的 6.5 毫米螺丝。 使用十字螺丝刀卸下将硬盘支架固定到外壳的 6.5 毫米螺丝。
    • 使用十字螺丝刀卸下将硬盘支架固定到外壳的 6.5 毫米螺丝。

  3. 拉出硬盘盒。 注意不要跌落硬盘。突然的剧烈外力是有可能损坏硬盘。 注意不要跌落硬盘。突然的剧烈外力是有可能损坏硬盘。
    • 拉出硬盘盒。

    • 注意不要跌落硬盘。突然的剧烈外力是有可能损坏硬盘。

    Can these take an SSD?

    Cary B - Reply

  4. 翻转PS4,底部朝上,背部插口区向你
    • 翻转PS4,底部朝上,背部插口区向你

  5. 移除后部中间的两个保修贴纸,可以看见两颗螺丝 移除后部中间的两个保修贴纸,可以看见两颗螺丝 移除后部中间的两个保修贴纸,可以看见两颗螺丝
    • 移除后部中间的两个保修贴纸,可以看见两颗螺丝

  6. 移除每个边角的塑料盖子,可以看见螺丝 移除每个边角的塑料盖子,可以看见螺丝
    • 移除每个边角的塑料盖子,可以看见螺丝

    What If my PS4 doesn't have the two screws on the side

    Michael Jimenez - Reply

    I should imagine that plastic cover will come off?

    How did you go?

    Cary B -

  7. 取下4个7.2毫米的内六角螺丝 取下4个7.2毫米的内六角螺丝
    • 取下4个7.2毫米的内六角螺丝

    I only have two screws, those in the middle of the console.

    Oscar Martinez - Reply

    Have you removed the plastic covers mentioned in the previous step? That will expose the other two screws.

    Sam Omiotek -

    same, here. there are only the middle screws, no covers or screws on the sides. and it sits pretty tight

    Johannes Müller - Reply

    turns out 12XX models are different. Look at this for reference:

    Johannes Müller - Reply

  8. 在此插入翻译用拇指向上顶起底壳并取下。 此底壳为塑料卡扣结构,移除时需要一些巧劲。
    • 在此插入翻译用拇指向上顶起底壳并取下。

    • 此底壳为塑料卡扣结构,移除时需要一些巧劲。

  9. 用镊子拔出电源供给接口,使之与主板断电。 用镊子拔出电源供给接口,使之与主板断电。
    • 用镊子拔出电源供给接口,使之与主板断电。

    This part looks dangerous. There should be a flag/warning not to destroy that cable yes?

    Shawn - Reply

    I second Shawn's comment. That cable seems to be very fragile, and one of the wires snapped on mine while removing the cable. It wouldn't have bothered me so much, if it wasn't a pain to find a replacement for it.

    Matt Gaia - Reply

    The tweezers used here, do not cut it. Not enough grip.

    I had to use a set of needle nose pliers to remove this.

    Cary B - Reply

  10. 卸下三个 9.7 mm Torx 安全螺丝。 卸下两个 41 毫米十字螺丝和支架。
    • 卸下三个 9.7 mm Torx 安全螺丝。

    • 卸下两个 41 毫米十字螺丝和支架。

  11. 将电源直接向上提起并从 PS4 中取出。 电源通过左侧的插脚牢固地固定到位。可能需要多次尝试才能将其移除。 在重新组装期间,确保插脚对齐,然后将电源按入到位。
    • 将电源直接向上提起并从 PS4 中取出。

    • 电源通过左侧的插脚牢固地固定到位。可能需要多次尝试才能将其移除。

    • 在重新组装期间,确保插脚对齐,然后将电源按入到位。

    How do you remove the battery wires? I’ve personally been wiggling it to no effect, is there a certain way i have to pull it out, and should i pull it out of the power supply or the console?

    Tubby - Reply

  12. 使用撬棒的尖端从主板上断开天线电缆。 使用撬棒的尖端从主板上断开天线电缆。
    • 使用撬棒的尖端从主板上断开天线电缆。

    dumb question but I’m very new to this. when reconnecting the wifi antenna, does it just click back on? I'm hesitant to try this procedure if I need to solder anything since I have zero experience.

    cliodhna - Reply

    Yup! Hold it in place and press straight down on top of it with your finger or a spudger. If you have any other cable/connector questions see this guide.

    Sam Omiotek -

  13. 使用镊子或手指抓住天线电缆并将其从电缆导轨中取出。 使用镊子或手指抓住天线电缆并将其从电缆导轨中取出。 使用镊子或手指抓住天线电缆并将其从电缆导轨中取出。
    • 使用镊子或手指抓住天线电缆并将其从电缆导轨中取出。

  14. 使用镊子或手指将天线电缆从光驱电缆下方穿出。 使用镊子或手指将天线电缆从光驱电缆下方穿出。 使用镊子或手指将天线电缆从光驱电缆下方穿出。
    • 使用镊子或手指将天线电缆从光驱电缆下方穿出。

  15. 卸下固定天线的 9.7 毫米 Torx 安全螺丝。 卸下固定天线的 9.7 毫米 Torx 安全螺丝。
    • 卸下固定天线的 9.7 毫米 Torx 安全螺丝。

    This does not work on the newer 12 series

    raseemhassan123 - Reply

  16. 取下 Wi-Fi 天线。 取下 Wi-Fi 天线。
    • 取下 Wi-Fi 天线。

  17. 用指甲按下光驱顶部带状电缆的金属释放杆。 用手指或镊子通过拉动黑色拉环断开带状电缆。 重新插入带状电缆时,无需按下金属杆。完全插入后,你会听到咔嗒声。
    • 用指甲按下光驱顶部带状电缆的金属释放杆。

    • 用手指或镊子通过拉动黑色拉环断开带状电缆。

    • 重新插入带状电缆时,无需按下金属杆。完全插入后,你会听到咔嗒声。

    Please note that the younger generations of PS4 have a different setup of connectors to the driver, its sometimes 3 of these as presented but with different sizes and no pad to press down. However, dont be alarmed, just use the pair of tweezers and gently pull them off the connectors of the motherboard. Grab on tight on the blue area of the ribbon cable and pull gently! They tend to sit tight so take some time and patience on this.

    Mathias Kopp - Reply

  18. 用指甲按下连接到主板的带状电缆的金属释放杆。 用手指或镊子通过拉动黑色拉环断开带状电缆。 将带状电缆放在一边以便重新组装。
    • 用指甲按下连接到主板的带状电缆的金属释放杆。

    • 用手指或镊子通过拉动黑色拉环断开带状电缆。

    • 将带状电缆放在一边以便重新组装。

    • 重新插入带状电缆时,无需按下金属杆。完全插入后,你会听到咔嗒声。

  19. 用手指或镊子从主板上断开光驱电缆。 用手指或镊子从主板上断开光驱电缆。
    • 用手指或镊子从主板上断开光驱电缆。

  20. 用手指或镊子将光驱电缆从将其固定到位的电缆导轨上取下。 用手指或镊子将光驱电缆从将其固定到位的电缆导轨上取下。 用手指或镊子将光驱电缆从将其固定到位的电缆导轨上取下。
    • 用手指或镊子将光驱电缆从将其固定到位的电缆导轨上取下。

  21. 卸下固定光驱的四颗螺丝。 三颗 9.7 毫米 Torx 螺丝
    • 卸下固定光驱的四颗螺丝。

    • 三颗 9.7 毫米 Torx 螺丝

    • 一颗 6.2 毫米十字螺丝

  22. 将光驱垂直向上提起并从 PS4 中取出。 将光驱垂直向上提起并从 PS4 中取出。
    • 将光驱垂直向上提起并从 PS4 中取出。

  23. 卸下固定上壳的两颗 9.7 毫米 Torx 螺丝。 卸下固定上壳的两颗 9.7 毫米 Torx 螺丝。
    • 卸下固定上壳的两颗 9.7 毫米 Torx 螺丝。

  24. 向上和向后提起上壳以将其从 PS4 上卸下。 上壳由正面的塑料卡舌固定到位。将它们分开需要很大的力量。 上壳由正面的塑料卡舌固定到位。将它们分开需要很大的力量。
    • 向上和向后提起上壳以将其从 PS4 上卸下。

    • 上壳由正面的塑料卡舌固定到位。将它们分开需要很大的力量。

    “Significant force” is a bit of an understatement. It’s like it’s superglued together..

    Wouter Rietberg - Reply

    You absolutely should not need a lot of force for this. In the picture above, press upward using the left thumb from under the outer lip of the cover. You may need to pull it slightly toward you as well. Once that half is lifted, the right-hand side is still firmly attached. Keeping the left-hand side of the top separated, flip the unit over. Along the right-hand side, press the outside lip with your thumb about 2 thumb-widths down from the corner. There is a tab here and once released, the cover comes off easily and off in the back. Otherwise, you’ll be placing stress vertically (and rotationally) on the first tab on the side.

    Donovan Ray - Reply

    I appreciate this feedback – thank you. This sounds like a safer method. I’ll test it on our guide unit and update the procedure.

    Sam Omiotek -


    I got this cover off quite easily. Still some resistance, but I didn't need this significant force at all.



    Cary B -

    There is a piece of plastic underneath the casing here. The PS4 I worked on got so hot on the inside that part of the plastic started to melt and warped some inside the metal plate underneath. This made it tricky to open the case, but by using spacers I managed to get it off.

    Kerstin - Reply

  25. 卸下用于固定上部 EMI 屏蔽的十二颗 9.7 毫米 Torx 螺丝。 卸下用于固定上部 EMI 屏蔽的十二颗 9.7 毫米 Torx 螺丝。
    • 卸下用于固定上部 EMI 屏蔽的十二颗 9.7 毫米 Torx 螺丝。

    In my PS4, there is a small black Philips screw behind where the power lead connects to the motherboard. That screw connects the EMI shield to the inner metal where the power supply sits.

    Wouter Rietberg - Reply

    I had exactly the same thing, and mine is a fairly old model of PS4. Confused me for a moment until I spotted it.

    Tom G -

    Can confirm this.

    This screw was on mine. To anyone reading this, flip the PS4 over and look where the pain in the ass power supply connector is.

    Black screw right there.

    If you have that screw of course. :)

    Cary B -

  26. 此步骤将向你展示如何正确拧下压板。 卸下两颗 15.6 毫米十字螺丝。 一次将每个螺丝旋转半圈,逐渐拧下压板。
    • 此步骤将向你展示如何正确拧下压板。

    • 卸下两颗 15.6 毫米十字螺丝。

    • 一次将每个螺丝旋转半圈,逐渐拧下压板。

    • 在两个螺丝之间交替以保持压板上的压力均匀。

    • 在拧下另一侧之前不要完全拧下一侧,否则可能会损坏处理器。

    why does my PS4 have some metal thing attaching the plate to the metal beneath it?

    Beetroot - Reply

    My PS4 also has 2 metal rings around each screw hole and 4 metal pieces 2 on each side closing in the same shape as the pressure plate as you take the pressure plate off?

    Geoff King - Reply

  27. 取下压板。
    • 取下压板。

  28. 卸下上部 EMI 屏蔽罩。 卸下上部 EMI 屏蔽罩。
    • 卸下上部 EMI 屏蔽罩。

    This is the 2nd PS4 I have disassembled and on both units I have found there is a black Phillips screw securing the upper EMI shield. This should be mentioned in the teardown as the EMI shield cannot be removed completely without first removing this screw and you risk damaging the EMI shield in the process . To locate the screw turn the unit over and you will see a small black Phillips screw located near the power supply prongs. There will be a set of arrows pointing to the screw. Once you remove this screw then you can fully release the upper EMI shield.

    Geoff King - Reply

    Ditto. This is my first time disassembling a PS4. EMI shield didn’t lift off easily on one corner. Noticed the black Phillips screw holding it in place. I scrolled up in the tutorial to see if I missed it. Easy enough.

    Kwan Park Tom - Reply

  29. 将撬棒的平端插入风扇电缆和主板之间。 扭动撬棒,垂直向上提起接口,然后将其从主板上断开。
    • 将撬棒的平端插入风扇电缆和主板之间。

    • 扭动撬棒,垂直向上提起接口,然后将其从主板上断开。

  30. 抓住 PS4 正面的主板边缘。 提起主板,直到 USB 端口脱离 PS4 外壳。
    • 抓住 PS4 正面的主板边缘。

    • 提起主板,直到 USB 端口脱离 PS4 外壳。

  31. 将主板从 PS4 中取出。 在使用本指南安装主板之前,在处理器上涂抹一层新的导热膏。 未能正确安装新的导热膏会导致你的 PS4 过热。
    • 将主板从 PS4 中取出。

    • 在使用本指南安装主板之前,在处理器上涂抹一层新的导热膏。

    • 未能正确安装新的导热膏会导致你的 PS4 过热。

    • 首先插入主板的 I/O 侧,然后将另一侧放入。



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Regarding the three wire plug in step 20 - is there a good way to repair this piece if, say, you pulled the wires out of the connector by accident? is there a place to get a replacement part?

Ryan Statz - Reply

I have tried to replace the hdmi port however being somewhat of an idiot I slipped and knocked off onto the little black squares just behind the port on the left hand side. Does anyone know what these are?

Geoff Parker - Reply

contacts of the motherboard

lillarrypimp1993 -

You may be talking about capacitors that are critically important for the unit to function.

South30 -

You mean that little brown parts next to the desoldered HDMI port chip? Seems to be capaciators.

Check it with a multimeter: No connection through that parts: Capaciator, Connection through that parts: Coil

Sebastian Coenen -

Ok so I was taking mine apart, and while I was separating the ribbon wire from the optical drive during step 7, I broke the top off the connector by accident. I thought I could fix it with hot glue, but my ps4 doesn't read disks (at all, doesn't even know there's a disk in the drive). Is there a way to repair this without getting a new drive?

jonathanhart54 - Reply

when I bought the replacement motherboard and optical drive and installed everything, I got a message saying connect USB with software update. Is this because I'm using my original hdd from my original mobo+ optical drive that is different from the hdd my replacement parts came with?

Quaymetsu - Reply

Could you please tell me where you bought a replacement motherboard from as i've been looking everywhere!?

Roger flaps -

You cannot just replace the motherboard on a PS4. The motherboard is married to the logic board on the blu-ray drive. Swapping the motherboard without carrying over the original logic board will render the drive useless.

Will - Reply

I’ve read along the guides that a BDP-020 optical drive can work with an SAA-001 motherboard, but mine still receives the CE-35888-2 error. Am I replacing the incorrect part?

Cristian Nickles - Reply

Hi my ps4 has stopped working and doesnt turn on at all, ive tried different outlets and different power cables for the ps4, still no luck. Ive pulled it apart and had a look at the power supply board and mother board aswell as dusted it all out. The mother board has yellow stains/ dots near the hdmi port and some other random spots around the mother board. I have the first ps4.

Does anyone know whats wrong? Id rather fix it than pay for a new one.

Jared Breen - Reply

Habe mall eine frage habe meine sauber gemacht die ps4.und jetzt geht die kurz an und wieder aus was kann ich machen jetzt

dst11 - Reply

Hi all, I am facing this CE-34878-0 error on all games. Reinstalled the software, replaced the HDD and reinstalled latest software but this error is keep coming. What is the solution.

Salman Hameed - Reply

Just wondering, can a ps4 work without an optical drive, like being all digital?

Peter Wright - Reply

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