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Sony DCR DVD-108 Troubleshooting

What makes this device stand out includes its very lightweight build, long battery life and touch screen features. The camera has been known to be extremely easy to use and has very handy functionality such as high zoom features (up to 40X), and the ability to switch functions that are specifically for day, night, and snow. It has the ability to take excellent pictures for a camcorders standards and its small size makes it easy to carry around.

There various features which make the 108 model advantageous to its newer counterpart (the 308 model). This includes the aforementioned zoom feature which reaches a magnification of 40X while the magnification of the 308 only reaches a maximum of 25X. Also the 108 requires less light to operate than the 308 model, with the former only requiring a light level of 3 lux while the latter requires 4 lux. It should be noted that the 308 does have a higher resolution LCD viewing screen with a 1.1 megapixel display, while the 108 only has 680 , 000 pixel display. The viewing screen is also larger on the 308 model than the screen provided by the 108.

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