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Sony DCR DVD-108 Troubleshooting

Released in 2007. Commonly called a "Sony Handicam". 40x optical zoom.

DVD door takes significant force to open, if at all.

Ensure defect by toggling switch labeled "Open/Access." If door remains unresponsive attempt to open with a spudger. Do this by slipping spudger under door lip and slide along gap (in a back forth motion). If door is still unresponsive slip spudger under door lip and apply force in a prying motion. Ounce door is open check to see if door latch responds to the "Open/Access" switch. Else proceed to door latch replacement.

The lens cover does not move when "Lens Cover" switch is toggled.

A simple remedy is to manually force lens cover into the open (down) position or the closed (up) position by pressing one's finger to lens cover and applying force in the desired direction. If full recover of switch actuation is desired proceed to replacement of lens cover switch.

The screen won't move without significant force.

Proceed to disengaging the LCD screen, and removing plastic cover. Inspect hinges and remove any unwanted accumulation present, unwanted build up may cause impedance of LCD screen motion.

There are noticeable smudges and/or scratches when you look through the viewfinder.

First attempt to clean any sudges present on exterior plastic shield. If smudges are still visible even after thorough cleaning of shield, the lens itself may have been compromised. Open camera in order to access lens. Lightly wet cotton swab with isopropol alcohol and gently dab glass with wetted end. If image quality remains diminished then the problem is not with the lens.

You will have to replace the lenses of the camera.

Sony DCR-DVD 108 Front and Back Lens Replacement

What I see through the viewfinder is not what I see on the screen.

The serial port connection leading from the camera to the the LCD screen may be misaligned or disturbed. Open the camera and check to see if the cable is properly attached.

This is easily identifiable with a a white screen with a large crack running through it. The screen will have to be replaced.

Sony DCR-DVD 108 Front and Back Lens Replacement


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