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The Presto PopLite is a hot air popper that was made in 2009, and the model number is 04820. Some distinguishing features of this hot air popper include the long chute that guides popcorn into the bowl and the butter melting cup that doubles as a ½ measuring cup.

Benefits of a hot air popper in comparison to microwavable bags include health, efficient, and economical. By popping the popcorn with hot air instead of cooking with oils, the popcorn is lighter and healthier with less calories with no artificial flavors, added salt, preservatives or saturated fats. In 2 ½ minutes the Presto PopLite can pop up to 18 cups of popcorn. When compared to other leading brand hot air poppers, the Presto PopLite popped faster with few unpopped kernels. It is more economical to buy kernels than microwavable bags.

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