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If you're having issues with your with your Marvel iHome portable speaker, please see our trouble shooting page at Marvel iHome MR-M66 Troubleshooting.

This speaker was designed by eKids, which is a part of SDI Technologies. The speakers were released in three versions, Iron Man (the basis for this device page and replacement guides), Captain America, and Hulk. Each device has a different color and shell design, but this device page, troubleshooting page, and replacement guides in the links can be used for the Captain America and Hulk versions as well since all have identical internal parts.

These speakers are portable and can be used by people of all ages, although the design makes it a much more attractive product for teenagers and fans of the Marvel comic book series and Marvel movies. With a rechargeable battery, the speaker can be used again and again without having to take it apart and replacing the battery. Also, since the device is not Bluetooth connective, it can connect to every device that has an audio jack, including older devices.

The device can be identified by the face of the speaker. It is designed to resemble Iron Man (other versions made to resemble Captain America or Hulk). It has small rubber arms on either side of the face of the speaker, and it has two plastic legs that allow the speaker to stand alone on a surface. It has a light on the front of the device and the power button, charging port, and audio port are all located on the back of the device under the iHome symbol.

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eKids PDF Version of User Manual

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