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Huawei Fit is a lightweight fitness tracker and smartwatch, released in November 2016. It’s the first Huawei Fit model with 5ATM water resistant meant to be worn all day. Huawei Fit was designed not just for your fitness routines, but also for your daily activities where you can have it to take your calls, text, and other notifications from you iPhone, or Android device.

The Huawei Fit is a circular watch with a digital, touch screen face. The face is in a silver, metal casing and comes in black, blue, or orange bands. You can identify the watch by flipping over the face and find the name Huawei Fit etched on the case. It’s used as a fitness monitor for tracking heartbeat, sleep, steps, and different work-outs. It can also be used as a smartwatch by connecting to your phone via bluetooth.

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