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HUAWEI FIT Troubleshooting

Released in 2016 by Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. Part Number: HUAWEI FIT O

Watch doesn’t not appear to turn on after tapping the screen.

From the back of the watch align the charging port with the metal contacts on the charging pad.

Sometimes the problem could be the charging cord. To know if it is not working, try to use the charger on another Huawei Watch or on a device with same charging port. If the charging cord doesn’t work on the other device, consider buying a new cord.

If the watch doesn’t charge after the previous steps, there is a big chance the motherboard or the watch battery is faulty. For instructions on replacing the circuit board, see the Replacing a Circuit Board Guide and for replacing battery, see Replacing Battery Guide.

The watch does not display the heartbeat when wearing it.

Make sure that the watch is on your wrist strapped up tight in order to read the pulse.

There is a possibility that your system has crashed, certain functions on the watch need to be refreshed. Press the button on the back of the charger to reset the watch.

If the watch is exposed to extreme heat such as being left in sun or from sweating in a sauna the watch will stop working properly.

The display screen on the Huawei Fit shows a line through the Bluetooth sign.

When pairing your phone, and watch both devices must have their Bluetooth capabilities turned on and within range of each other. To connect your phone and watch, the Huawei Fit app must be installed in the device.

If you are having trouble connecting, open the app on the phone to discover the watch and pair there. Make sure the app is open when connecting the two.

The Huawei Fit and a device should automatically connect to each other when there are in range if they have been previously paired. If you have trouble reconnecting or connecting to a new phone, make sure both the phone and watch are disconnected from any other devices. The Bluetooth capability can be disabled and then turned back on to help them discover each other. Finally, we recommend restarting both your phone and device.

LCD screen fails to detect touch gestures.

Liquid crystal display touchscreens require the battery to be charged above a minimum to respond to touch gestures accurately.

The screen might be damaged or out of alignment. If the battery is fully charged and the screen is still unresponsive the screen must be replaced. If the screen requires excessive pressure to detect touch gestures the screen might need repair. For instructions on repairing or replacing screen, see the Screen Replacement Guide.

Most of the settings in the watch require access to the firmware on the motherboard. If some settings are not detecting touch, then there might be a problem with the circuit board connections or ROM chip. When the screen does not respond to any gestures there must be a problem with the motherboard and will need to be replaced. For instructions on replacing the circuit board, see the Replacing a Circuit Board Guide.

The watch does not vibrate when there is a new notification.

If you are not receiving notification alerts then your watch might be set to not receive notifications. To fix this issue go to the settings feature on your paired device and turn notifications on for the Huawei Fit App.

If the watch does not vibrate when receiving a new notification then the motor might be defective and will need to be repaired or replaced. For instructions to repair or replace the motor, see Replace Motor Guide.


Huawei fit 962

Bluetooth is not switching


How to make it on

K G Raj - Reply

Huawei fit 962 Blutooth not switched on, Remaining functions are working

K G Raj - Reply

Within a four days vibration not working

Madhu - Reply

Within 4 days my Huawei fit notifications vibrant not working

Madhu - Reply

I have a Huawise fittness tracker watch and was working fine. Yesterday the screen stoped working and the watch has the green light flashing and vibrating. It has also disconnected from the app. I cant get anything up on the screen.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance for any help

llyrgwyndaf@gmail. - Reply

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