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These are some common tools used to work on this device. You might not need every tool for every procedure.

Background and Identification

Some of the key features of this laptop are the AMD E1 processor clocked at 1.40GHz, the 500GB hard drive, the 4GB of RAM, 15.6 inch screen, and the grey and black color scheme. This laptop was part of the discontinued Gateway MS series of laptops which was released in 2013.

Most of Gateway’s laptops look extremely similar to one another but the best way to tell the difference between them is their specs, the way the top is attached, and the keyboard layout. If you are really unsure on which model your computer is check the bottom side of your laptop and read the model number and match it up with the guide listed here or another source that matches the model number.

There are no known manufacturer recalls of this product at the time of writing. The example problems listed in the troubleshooting page are some of the most common problems found with this model of laptop.


If you are having any technical issues with the Gateway MS2370, then we suggest you visit our troubleshooting link Troubleshooting Page.

Additional Information

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