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If you're having troubles with your SoundBox, a troubleshooting guide to the DOSS SoundBox is located in the link below

DOSS SoundBox Troubleshooting

The DOSS SoundBox was introduced to Amazon on March 9, 2016. With 6 categories of devices, one of which is Touch Speakers. There are two Touch Speakers available. The DOSS SoundBox Touch and the DOSS SoundBox XS Touch. The DOSS SoundBox is the biggeer and more sleek of the two. It 's powered with easy touch controls, Bluetooth 4.0 Technology, Aux-in, or TF card input, rechargeable 2200mah battery, 12W driver for superior sound quality, 12 hours of play time and a variety of colors.

You will be able to identify your DOSS SoundBox by checking the bottom of the speaker and verifying that the model number reads "DOSS SoundBox". If it does not read "DOSS SoundBox", you may have a different model. The DOSS SoundBox is a rectangular box with a smooth plastic cover protecting the top and bottom. The remaining sides are covered by a metal grill. There are four color variations for the DOSS SoundBox; Red, Blue, White, and Black. Another defining feature of the SoundBox is the absence of clickable buttons on the top. As the SoundBox uses a touch and hands free interface to control your music. However, there is one button on the back of the device, near the bottom, that is the ON/OFF switch.


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