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Some online training, I mostly find second hand Macs, soup them up variously and help get them set up, my artist friends from an extremely small town who only recently have stopped shunning computers.


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Mac SE, PowerPC, Powerbook G4, Macbook, Macbook Pro Intel Core Duo, Macbook Pro Intel Core Duo 2, iMac 24, iPad 2 & 3, iPod Classic 6, Nano 7, IPod Touch 3 & 5, iPhone 4.. OS 7.5 to Mavericks...

I play inside them all. With some online training, and Apple Community discussions, I recycle Apple devices for my artist friends who only recently have stopped shunning the whole "screen" thing. IFixit has made it possible, along with the many usual suspects.

LilyLayout is for eposter graphic design: using wilderness photos in layout for concerts, meetings, social media; using my Apple tools to do it all...

These make up HANDMADE OREGON, thus far.