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First-Rate Technological Consulting

Fix, Refurbish and Sell iPhone, iPad, Macbook, Laptop and provide IT support.

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About First Rate Technological Consulting

About Chris Hobbick: Owner of First Rate Technological Consulting ​I have an open mind and seek out other people's opinions. I offer advice and counsel. People count on me and I hold myself accountable and demonstrate the kind of day-in day-out responsibility that leads to trust. I am a good listener and people confide in me. I insist on excellence and know that we are what we repeatedly do. I have a positive attitude and treat people with respect. I genuinely care about others and spend time supporting, guiding and sharing my knowledge with those who want it. ​Vet My Professional Life I'm currently the Principal IT Specialist of Unified Communications for Charles River Associates (NASDAQ: CRAI) I manage telecommunications for a total of 16 offices globally spanning across five countries. Prior to my hyperfocus on the telecom realm I worked in IT Service Delivery where my 8+ years of desktop support gave me a well versed knowledge in computer systems and enterprise IT infrastructure.

Specialty Skills

Telephony Services

Switch Install/Upgrade

Bandwidth utilization reporting

Website Blocking

Server Services

Infrastructure Diagnosis

Wiring between Server and Clients

Printer Services

Desktop Services

Connecting Multiple Sites

Network Utiliazation Reporting

iPhone Repair