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TEXPERT Technology Expertise

Technology consulting, sales, installation service and electronics repair.

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What's a Texpert anyway?

The company name is TEXPERT which comes from what we call the technology experts on our team, they are Texperts. TEXPERT specializes in the repair of all your favorite electronic gadgets as well provides a multitude of on-site technology services. TEXPERT uses only the highest quality replacement parts available to repair electronics, and only certified Texperts will be trusted with the repair of your device.

TEXPERT offers pickup and delivery, so there's no standing in line when you choose TEXPERT. Simply schedule a pickup, and a Texpert will meet you at a time and location that fits your schedule, then when the repair is complete, and we have fully tested your electronic device, it will be delivered back to you, good as new. In addition to being the most convenient solution, TEXPERT has implemented innovative technology, that reduces costs and we pass the savings on to our customers. If TEXPERT is not already the best price we will match the verified price and beat it by additional $5.

At TEXPERT we don't just see you as part of our business, at TEPXERT we realize you ARE our business and the reason for it. With that mind, we developed a program we’re calling TEXPOINTS to reward you, for every dollar you spend with TEXPERT you will receive 1 TEXPOINT accumulate 100 points in a year and you will receive and $10 gift card that can be used toward a future repair, or the purchase of accessories and TEXPERT certified pre-owned electronic devices. TEXPERT customers will be able to monitor their TEXPOINTS balance through the customer portal that will be available soon.

TEXPERT also wanted to revolutionize the way customers experience the repair process of their favorite electronic devices, so we will soon implement an entirely new level of convenience and transparency to TEXPERT customers. When we say that we are The Technology Experts (that deliver), it's not just a clever expression we use for a marketing slogan, we really mean it. A Texpert will meet you anywhere is the regional area at any time during our business hours to pickup your device for repair. At home, at work, at the gym, even at the grocery store; we will pickup your device bring it back to TEXPERT Headquarters, repair it and return it to you when it is repaired and fully tested. But that's still not all.

TEXPERT is working to implement a truly revolutionary system that will allow you follow and track your device through the entire repair process. Soon our website will feature a customer portal that will allow customers to create a free account, login, and see up to minute status updates for the repair of their device, customers will also be able to approve estimates and chat with the repair technician directly through the TEXPERT customer portal. Within your account you will customize your preferences regarding notifications and updates you can receive from, via phone call, email, or text messages. This allows our customers to keep a birds eye view on their device the entire time it's away from them and they will know exactly what's going with it at all times, plus they will have a connection to the specific Texpert assigned to their repair. Check back often and follow us on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter to sign up for your free TEXPERT account soon.

TEXPERT is not some big chain operation with millions in venture capital upstart money. TEXPERT is a locally based, small, family owned business that is the brainchild of Senior Texpert, David Martin, a local guy that was born and raised right here in Owensboro, Daviess County, Kentucky. David left Kentucky after high school and lived out west for several years before returning home to be close to his family. TEXPERT is a family owned and founded small business that values the local community and people that live and work here. TEXPERT must make money to remain in business like any other company, but our primary goal is to help people enjoy the technology that they own. Please shop small and support TEXPERT and other independently owned Owensboro businesses.

We sincerely thank you for choosing TEXPERT when you need Technology-Expertise.