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Fourth generation iPhone. Repair is straightforward, but the front glass and LCD must be replaced as a unit. GSM / 8, 16, or 32 GB capacity / Model A1332 / Black and White.

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My iPhone 4 got soaked, dried out, but will not power up

My iPhone 4 got completely soaked. It tried booting up when it was drying out. I didn't know the trick to forcing it to turn off. It finally turned off itself (scary). I dried it out for a couple of days (with sunlight and rice). It would not boot up. It also does not even recognize with it's plugged into the computer to charge. I changed out the battery, but it still does nothing. What should be my next step?

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How did you take the batery out

by aireannashaw11804

You can remove the battery with this guide: iPhone 4 Battery Replacement

by Robert

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Hey Shellie,

So first, a little background info on water damage. When liquid gets inside a device, it does not damage it. The problems occur when power runs through the logic board. If any of the water bridges some of the traces on the logic board, it may cause the logic board to shirt circuit, effectively frying the entire device.

Since your device was running while soaked, it sounds like the logic board was probably fried, especially since it turned off on its own and does not respond to being plugged in. Unfortunately, this means that in order to fix your device, you will probably need to replace the logic board. Before doing that, though, I would recommend just taking it in to an Apple store and seeing if they might replace it. They replaced a MacBook Pro logic board for me one time after I spilled liquid on it and effectively fried it.

Hope this helps! Good luck!

iPhone 4 Logic Board Image


iPhone 4 Logic Board Replacement

Difficulty: Difficult30 minutes - 2 hours

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I bought a waterdamaged iphone off of ebay that would not turn on or be charge/connect to itunes. I took the phone apart, and followed this youtube video.


I also replaced the battery which is like $6 or less on amazon or ebay.

After doing this, the phone turned on, everything functioned perfect - camera, touch screen, vibrate, speaker, etc - except my dock connector. Basically my phone operates perfect, but the dock connector for charging/connecting doesn't work, even after I replaced the dock connector. I've heard others having luck and everything including the dock connector works after doing this. Still working on this problem haha.

Anyway good luck!

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I know but they're talking about a IPhone. You can't take apart an IPhone.y iphone 6 got water damage and I'm looking for some answers. They're talkingg about an IPhone and you CANNOT take that apart.

by Angel Brown

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Shellie, I am an eternal optimist:-). I would suggest that before you get all frustrated and go and buy the most expensive part, see if you can diagnose the things that are having issues first. Number one thing is to not trying to start your phone until it is properly cleaned. The drying via sunlight and Rice will not clean it. It will not prevent corrosion. Start by using this guide for the clean up. It is written for a 3G but all the steps are still valid for your phone. To work on your phone, usethese guides. Once you have it properly cleaned, definitely replace the battery. After that, reassemble your phone and re-evaluate for further damage. Since your phone is not charger and not recognized, you may have to get a dock connector as well, but stop there until you know for sure. Hope this helps, good luck.

iPhone Image


Repairing iPhone Liquid Damage

Difficulty: Difficult1 - 2 horas

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rice and sun should work but if not just get a new phone and save time and money, you will save yourself the hastle. my phone just got wet today. im going to put it in rice but if it doesnt work ima buy a new phone. once again, just a piece of advice, buy a new phone an save the time and money.

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andyortega97, you might as well go and buy a new phone. Placing any device in rice is about the same as doing nothing. It is absolutely useless for any repair. I would suggest that you disassemble your phone and clean it properly. Skip rice and sunlight.

by oldturkey03

Waste of good rice.

by mayer

Can wu still eat da rice?

by reboe1

Some people can't get a new phone though

by Angel Brown

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