Cant add printer - Print Spooler not running error

I have a HP desktop running Vista 32bit. The printer has stopped working. The printer is fine and so is the USB cable. I have tried a few USB ports that work with other devices. I tried reinstalling driver - I get the popup that driver installs correctly and device is ready to use

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however no printer shows up under PRINTERS. If I go Control Panel > printers the pane is empty!

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Trying to ADD a printer I get error

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I can't reinstall the OS as the system controls a medical machine and the installed application is not easily recovered. System Restore is not enabled either!

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I succumbed to reinstalling the OS and system is fixed now.

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*Make sure the Print Spooler service is running ...

1.GO to Start then run and type services. msc and then click OK.

2.Scroll down and find Printer Spooler service under the Name column

3 Right click on Printer Spooler and select Properties. From dropdown menu choose automatic for Startup type. Check Service status, if service is stopped click on Start and than OK button, but if service is started first stop it with Stop button than click on Start and OK.

*Also..check for dependencies... while in the Print Spooler service properties..

1.Click the Dependencies tab. The first box lists all of the system services that must be running for Print Spooler to start. These are the dependencies.

2.Make a note of each service, click OK

3. Now go through the list and start each service upon which Print Spooler is dependent( if the service is not already started). If a service was not started, right-click it, click Properties and then confirm that the Startup type is Automatic.

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Thanks Ronnie, I have checked that the PrintSpooler service is running and have stopped/started it. I will check the dependencies though as I have not done this yet.

by Richdave

The printspooler dependencies are running

by Richdave

it works ,, tnx a lot men^^V

by elsapao

it really workssss...............thnx dear

by srikant patel

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*Print Spooler will not just stop for any reason.

The print spooler is set up to restart 5 times after a failure. If the spooler continues to fail, there is an underlying issue causing it to fail.

Go to: c:\windows\system32\spool\printers

Delete all files inside this folder.

Try and restart the spooler and monitor the event log to see if it is still failing.

If it is still failing, the issue is a corrupt printer driver.

Go to: c:\windows\system32\spool\drivers

If your OS is 32 Bit go to : W32X86

If your OS is 64 bit go to : x64


Delete all files in this folder and reinstall your printer.

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Yeah agree there must be a reason... I have already deleted the files from spool\printers and will try deleting the drivers manually from \system32\spool\drivers\W32x86

by Richdave

deleting the \drivers\W32x86 folder does not help.

by Richdave

Try this :

1. Start > Start Search > C:\Windows\System32\spoolsv.exe (Right click > Properties)

2. Click on Security Tab > Advanced > Owner. Take ownership of the file and give full permission to the file. Once done, close

everything and try to start the service again.

3. Delete the following folders, including all contents.



4. If this fails, sometimes Windows 7 Pro X64 has issues with IE9 and the spooler

Go to the Control Panel > Internet Options > Advanced Tab > Reset > Tick Personal Settings

by jclark

5. If this still fails, you will need to aquire a working registry set from a working machine.

To do this;

On the donor machine Copy the C:\Windows\System32\Spool directory

On the donor machine run Regedit and copy HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Print right click it

choose 'Export' and save it somewhere, make sure it has a .reg file extension

Replace tha bad machine's C:\Windows\System32\Spool directory with a copy of the fresh one

Find the backup of the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Print registry settings from the good

machine, and double click the file to enter the info into the registry on the (now better) bad machine

Restart the print spooler service ( Start > Type in cmd > Right Click on cmd > Run as admin > and type; net start spooler)

If you cannot souce these files from a working machine, let me know and I will upload a fresh reg copy for you :)

by jclark

thanks jclark - I will look at the options you have suggested. As luck would have it I have access to a "donor" machine tomorrow so I will copy the files and registry as you suggest and see where it gets me. The systems are essentially identical however the printer installed on the "donor" system is a different model (both syst have Brother printers) BTW you mentioned Win7 my system is Vista.

by Richdave

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  • Spooler Problem fixed **


I had the same Problem before and now I have it solved help of this following article please click below and follow their mentioned steps and get your problem fixed.

Click this link

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My printer wouldn't install completely and the print spooler wasn't staying started. After a day and half of reading and researching I found this article. I'm running windows 8 64bit. All I did was empty all the printers from windows/system32/spool/drivers/x64 and then reinstalled the printer drivers as the author suggested. Done, I can not believe. I was going to take the computer back to Fry's in the morning.

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I had the Spooler Printer not running problem and used the following from above that worked like a charm;

*Make sure the Print Spooler service is running ...

1.GO to Start then run and type services.msc and then click OK.

2.Scroll down and find Printer Spooler service under the Name column

3 Right click on Printer Spooler and select Properties.

In place of #3 I simply clicked on Printer Spooler and it presented it's settings on the left side of the box, and I just clicked on Start the Service...

worked like a charm...not sure why the printer spooler stopped working, possibly from some recent power spikes from power outages (but I could be wrong on that).

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Hi Guys

there is last solution in case all the above is not solving the issue

Go to C:\Windows\System32\spool\drivers and delete all the files which is belong to the printers and restart the spool printers > after that go and add your new printer .


Ahmed Ali

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Where do I find the spooler?

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Easy Way to Add Printer

Ensure Printer on XP machine is shared - assume it's called SHAREDPRINTER.

2) On the Network Browsing on your W7 machine ensure you can "See" the Printer share.

Now on the W7 machine do the following (doesn't matter if it's X-86 or x-64).

3) Control Panel==> add LOCAL (Yes LOCAL) printer. I know it's on a Network but hold your horses -- what we are actually doing is "Poodlefaking" the W7 machine into thinking it's running the printer.

4) Create NEW port==>Local port


6) Now W7 will load a driver and you'll be able to print on the XP machine.


If the printer is on the W7 machine and you want to print on the XP machine then do the same instructions on the XP machine --

port name in this case will be \\W7MACHINE\SHAREDPRINTER

If this is a Network / WiFI printer run this on ALL the computers who need access to the printer

Start at 3) - you don't need a printer name in this case just the IP address on the LAN.

at 4) chose TCPIP port

and at 5) enter the IP address of the printer on your LAN.

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ComputerOnline Repair, first this was resolved a long time ago. Second, adding your URL is soliciting and will be viewed as SPAM

by oldturkey03

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