Why is my screen flickering?

I replaced the logic board and battery after my phone 4 sat in rice for four days because it got wet. When I first turned it on, it worked great. A few minutes later the screen went black. The only time it will turn on is if I push the home/wake button and even then it is only for a second before it turns back off. Did I not connect something correctly? Please help!

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A screen could be flickering for several reasons, does it flicker when you do something specific, like press a button or touch the screen, hold the phone a certain way or does it simply flicker by itself?


The screen stays black. If I leave the phone alone then push home/wake the screen will flicker to normal then back to black. Everything else seems to work. I don't know if this is just a lingering effect of the water damage or something lose from the parts replacement. After posting this I took the phone back apart and reconnected the lcd connector. The issue stayed the same. I just had an idea that MAYBE it was the proximity sensor but wouldn't that only affect calls? I know that if I receive a phone call and am successful in answering, the screen will start to work while on the call. Once the phone hangs up it stops working again. Now, this has only happened on about 2 of 3 calls so could just be a coincidence. But the only things that seem to normally allow a flicker of a normal screen are pushing the home/wake button. it will work once then usually I have to wait to get the same reaction. Thank you!


Now I feel kinda silly. It is the backlight. I was using a light that wasn't bright enough the first time I checked therefore it appeared this wasn't it. So, my follow up question is this... Do you believe it is possible that this will fix itself because it does come on or do you think I should replace it(backlight), if so, how?


Update! Yesterday I woke up and my phone was working fine. Obviously there is some water in the screen so I have the shadows but it is on its way to being fully recovered! Today the backlight is off again but I have hope it will be fine soon. Hopefully this will help someone in the future with the same issue.


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