MBP A1226 doesn't boot on SL on a SSD

Like so many people, I installed a SSD in place of the HD, and shifted the HD in a SATA/ PATA caddy, in place of the DVD...

Then I did a clean install of SL 10.6.8, migrated applications and data.

But the MBP is unable to boot on the SSD.

I can have it boot after disabling extensions (shift key) or "manually" when selected after holding the option key at start-up. Not very convenient, hum?!

Any idea? Because of this problem, I tried another brand of SSD (SanDisk; the first one being an OCZ Petrol. both in SATA III). The same problem occurred.

I was told to update to Lion, who is supposed to fix the problem but I don't want to (I need some Rosetta softwares). I can't believe pre-unibody MBP 153 just don't accept SSDs! This would have been displayed on the best Websites and forums like the iFixit ones!

Thanks for your thoughts and solutions!

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How quickly are you giving up on that boot? Sometimes that first boot from an update can take quite a while.


Thanks Machead3.

I gave up after 15 mn (coffee then sooo many other things to do!).

I did that repeatedly (without coffee), as an attempt to overcome the "random behavior" I noticed: with the OCZ it boots, say, 90% of time when option key is holded and SSD selected. With the SanDisk the percentage comes down to 0% approx...


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Could be a dead backup/CMOS battery that should be holding your boot drive (startup disk) preference. It's a non-recharging long-life Lithium coin cell. I think a BR 2032 or equal, you should be able to change that yourself.

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Thanks again, Machead3.

Well, this is a potential option I didn't think about...

But could you tell me about the reason to think that the boot from a HDrive (it being in HD slot or DVD slot) would solicit the battery less than the boot of a SSD? I can't think about such reason right now...

Could that happen with a "weak" battery, starting to decrease its voltage???


It might - if the battery is going or gone the preference as to where the boot volume is hasn't changed... so if the boot volume is in the old place - bam your good, if it's not the computer hangs looking for a boot volume.


Good evening and thanks again!THE solution was actually simpler (almost to simple, as you will see!): I brought the MBP to the Genius bar f the local Apple Store. They reinstalled the 10.6.8, as the first step of investigation.

Saying that they'd seldom heard of a problem with the upgrade of such 2007 MBPs with a SSD.

And it simply worked...

I'd used a genuine DVD SL 10.6.1 or 2 plus the combo upgrade straight from apple.com; and I did the entire stuff twice, with each of the SSDs I tried...

So, was nice to see the straightforward approach of the guy there, despite the age of the machine, despite my obvious do-it-yourself approach...

The MBP is even faster than during the few times I was able to boot it from the SSD, earlier on. So, it seems it really was a system installation/upgrade issue...THanks anyway, Machead3!


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