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Repair guides and disassembly information for the 16-inch MacBook Pro released in October of 2021, featuring Apple-designed M1 Pro and M1 Max SoCs. Model A2485.

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Can the SD card slot on an M1 16 incher be replaced?

I used a BaseQi SD card holder to increase my pathetic local storage on my old Macbook. I used the same adaptor on my then new M1 16 inch. It was fine for a while, then the external lip fell off. The SD card slot now is damaged. Can it be replaced?

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I may just get a new device. Until then I've stuck an SSD on the lid as I have shown in my updated question.


@simonron ah. So its not about the card slot on the MBP but your external reader! Yup, new one might just be the fix. Best of luck.


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@simonron yes, but definitely not easily. It is soldered to the logic board. You will have to remove the logic board MacBook Pro 16" 2021 Logic Board Replacement After that, de-solder the old connector. Now, here is the fun part (not). You'll have to find a port that fits. Apple's designator for that part is RCPT SD-X2094 and there is no other information for it. You may need to find a donor board and harvest the connector from that.

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I’m not following your question is it the systems SD card slot that’s damaged or the BaseQi SD card holder unit you have in the systems SD slot? Replacing microSD carrier would be my recommendation if that’s the issue. It might be hard to remove but it can be done without damaging the system.

If the systems SD slot is damaged. While not ideal, I would recommend just getting a USB-C hub or stand alone unit which offers the function as replacing the logic board unit is not easy and finding the correct replacement unit would be difficult and likely costly (finding a junker to salvage it)

Update (05/03/24)

So the external case you have USB cable looks a bit rough so maybe getting a new one is the answer here!

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My internal 1Tb SSD is fine, it's the external sd card slot that can be used as local memory storage that has the issue, hence my velcro cludge - which works very well by the way !

The old BsaeQi card holder it utterly destroyed and it took the MBP's mech with it. Hence the need for a replacement RCPT SD-X2094 .

Thanks for the assist.


@simonron -So the SD slot is hardware is damaged, then your solution if the cable isn’t damaged (it looks kinked in the picture) is about all you can do without the repair of the systems SD card unit.


The USB is not kinked, it's a 90 degree plug. There is no fault with that.

Are there any junk M1s out there ? I've not seen one yet.


@simonron - Ah! That explains the odd angle then.

Best to search the other sites which sell used stuff. A few months ago I was searching for a junker to get a uppercase, I couldn’t find one so I pasted on the repair.


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