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Repair guides and support for top and front loading Whirlpool brand washers.

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Washer completes cycle but restarts cycle shortly after completion

I have a Whirlpool cabrio WTW5500BW0 washer. I live in an apartment complex and the maintenance team is too busy to help me. I can’t hire outside vendors to take a look at this for me so I’m forced to tackle this issue myself.

My washer will complete a wash cycle (doesn’t matter what kind it does this for every cycle setting) and then shortly after completion if I don’t take the clothes out and power off the washer it will resume the cycle again. I’ve read up on this and I think it might be in some sort of diagnostic mode but I don’t know how to even enter diagnostic mode.

Any help appreciated!

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Hi @tronke,

Please confirm the model number of the washer as searching for the number you posted gives no results?

Did you post the serial number of the washer instead, perhaps?


@jayeff Yes my bad the model number is WTW5500BW0


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Hi @tronke

Here's the tech sheet for the washer.

Go to p.2 to view the procedure for activating the diagnostic test mode and check if any errors are being shown.

At the bottom right of p.3 there's a Fault/Error Code Display Method chart that shows how to interpret the status lights on the machine to know what the code (if any) is.

p.6 → p.7 give an explanation and possible causes for the error codes.

If you find the problem and it is a faulty part that needs replacing, here's the parts list that is useful.

Search the parts diagrams to locate the wanted part and when you find it you see that the manufacturer's part number for the part is shown with it.

Then search online for the part number only to find suppliers that suit you best.

Hopefully a start to find out what's happening.

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This was helpful. I got into diagnostic mode finally but no error codes or anything popped up. Could this be a testing mode it got into somehow? Where it continually runs without stopping?



I realize that you've disconnected the power (or did you mean that you just turned the washer off using the power on/off button?) but try disconnecting the washer from the wall power outlet and then press and hold the washer's on/off button for 30 seconds and then release it.Reconnect the power and check if it works OK. Hopefully doing this may reset any glitch on the mainboard.

Other than that it's looking like a mainboard problem, given that there's no diagnostic errors.

You could also perform Test #4 as shown in the tech sheet, just in case there's corrosion on the cable contacts between the UI board and the mainboard (check both ends) which may be contributing to the problem.


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The console UI tells the Main control what you want it to do and gives you feedback. The main control monitors the sensors and tells which parts to turn on/off thru the cycle. Based on your explaination, the fact that it runs thru any cycle, I would guess that the Console UI is ok. Since there are no error codes, the main control sees everything as running OK, so the sensors should all be good. Since there is no schematic of the Main Control, I can't analyze that, but my guess is that is where the problem is. It would be where the cycle would terminate. BUT, this is only my logical guess.

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