New charging assembly unresponsive to USB-C cord

My old Pixel 3 never had any repairs done. Just bought my first iFixIt kits: battery & charging assembly. I used them both at the same time to replace both.

Now I am about to seal my phone back up with everything screwed in and I booted the phone up to test it.. it's able to charge wirelessly perfectly fine and load Android but the USB port is completely unresponsive to charging. (note: I also lost the tiniest screw and attachment on the left side of the phone that holds the speaker in place but I don't think that would be too relevant as long as everything else is secured properly. I have a feeling it might be the cable you plug in for the charging assembly on the right underneath the wireless charging piece.)

(also note that this phone had the same problem of being unable to charge via USB-C and only by Qi before I attempted this repairs. It's possible there's another damaged part but I'm not sure where to look & this phone has never been opened before.)

Please give me some ideas for what/how to check! I've already taken it halfway apart again to make sure all cables are securely plugged in but this is my first repair so I can't be certain.

Thanks :)

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