iPhone SE battery replacement went wrong!

I was stuck on one of the last steps, trying to reconnect the home button connector and bracket for 3 hours with no success. The connector or bracket would slip out and both wouldn't stay in the same place. Is it me? or does the ZIF connector only stay on by gravity? I couldn't believe that someone in a reassembly video simply used his finger to snap the bracket on in a few seconds. So after so long I had to take a break and desperate charged the phone with the iFixit battery installed which made the phone boot up to 66% charge. The screen said Touch ID wasn't working but the home button connector was on the contact. Wi-Fi and cell came online and sent some notifications. As the home button didn't work I googled for a solution and found a setting for the onscreen home button. But the phone already went to sleep so I tried to work the home button which didn't work and tried to spudge the home button connector onto the contact better.

Some time after this the screen went black but the wake button didn't work. Plugging in makes the charging sound effect and the vibrate button makes vibrate. The sleep/wake button doesn't make the door sound effect. iTunes and Windows don't do anything when the phone is plugged into desktop but the phone vibrates. I tried to reconnect the battery like someone said in a iPhone 4 thread but that didn't work. I tried to reconnect the screen cable but that didn't work. Nothing was loose except for the home button cable.

Edit: Apparently the phone still works as a phone. I heard a ringtone and vibrating two times that someone tried to call.

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