Loud buzz from clicker on startup and spontaneous restarts

When the iPod is plugged into my Mac it behaves perfectly well, I can sync and update without problems. As soon as I disconnect it restarts, sometimes OK, but a lot of the time it will make a loud buzzing which lasts for about 10 seconds, the missing system folder appears, followed by the Apple then it switches off. I've tried different hard drives and battery, I'm beginning to suspect a dodgy scroll wheel connection as when it does run it tends to lock-up when buttons are pressed. Is it possible to get the scroll wheel off without damage? Does anyone have any other ideas?

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On closer inspection this iPod has obviously been taken apart before and one of the tiny capacitors at the edge of the board (about the size of a comma on my keyboard) is missing. I've attempted to replace it with one salvaged from another board, but it makes no difference. I believe these capacitors are susceptible to heat and flex damage, and my eyesight isn't what it was, so any advice on how to handle and solder them would be appreciated.


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