Laptop will not use Battery Power after Battery Replacement


I just purchased a replacement battery from here and did a replacement. The laptop turned on just fine, and the battery was detected, so I began doing the calibration step by charging it to full. However, the laptop is unable to use battery power and shuts off immediately when the power cord is unplugged. It will not turn on at all if the cord isn't connected. Additionally, using Lenovo's utility to perform the battery calibration fails because the battery never drops below 100%.

I think there is likely something wrong with the battery because there is no other indication that I did anything wrong. Running the battery info utility in Windows' cmd and checking it in the Lenovo tool work perfectly, and it accurately shows the battery model number, number of cycles (just 1 because it's brand new), and capacity.

I also tried using the battery reset button under the chassis, as well as removing and reconnecting the battery to no avail. Are there any other steps I can try before sending the battery back?

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Have you checked the drivers for the battery/ reinstalled the drivers?


Just gave that a shot, no-go unfortunately.

Probably worth noting as well, I'm running both Linux and Windows on this laptop, and the same thing happens in either OS, which to me points to a hardware thing.


Did you see any message on the boot screen about the battery being non-genuine? I had a similar problem with an iFixit replacement battery for a Thinkpad. The main thing was I had to disconnect the CMOS (coin) battery on the mainboard while changing the primary battery. See here for more info: New iFixit battery for ThinkPad Yoga 14 is "non-genuine", won't charge



If you still have to old battery and it is still reasonable, try reinstalling it to check if the laptops stays on when on battery only.

If so it's looking like the battery is the problem.


Interesting @Mike, no I had not seen that message at all. I never got any errors about the battery being non-genuine or really any errors at all. The laptop appeared to accept it without issue, compatibility wise.

@jayeff, I just put the old battery back in and it started up with no issues. Seems like a battery issue; I'll go ahead and start the RMA process :(


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