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The Aspire 3 A315 is a repairable laptop by Acer.

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Replacement Screen Needed - What type?

Hey all! My mate gave me an Acer Aspire 3 A315-41-R540 with a cracked screen. I have found many replacement screens on eBay, but they often only say Acer Aspire A315 screen, or A315-22. I am unsure whether these screens will actually fit my model, as i noticed several differences. I will try to post an image of the model, and the screen, and the ribbon cable soon!

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Hi @falcon16

Perhaps the most sure way to know that you're getting the correct one, is to disassemble the laptop and look for the model number (or part number) of the LCD panel which is usually found on the back of the panel itself.

Once you find the number, search online for the number, to find suppliers that suit you best.

Here's a teardown video that may help. At ~9:35 minutes into the video, you can see the stickers on the back of the panel, one of which may have the relevant information.

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So i found the sticker. It says InnoLux

N156BGA-EB2 Rev.C1

then the barcode

then 04C13G787C20372

And another barcode

then the first code again with C1 after it



Here are some suppliers that you can choose from when searching for InnoLux N156BGA-EB2 Rev.C1 lcd panel

Apologies if you've been there, done that ;-)



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As far as I can see this kind of screen should be the right type for that model. Please double check the number against the ones on ebay before buying. Have had to order multiple times myself from ebay because I didn't double check.

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hey, thank's for replying.

I checked and they are the right model, but wow! they are expensive! I was hoping for something a lot more affordable, even if it is used!


Yes, that is a reasonable price, but it doesnt ship to australia ;(

I will check out amazon tho, i dont know why i didnt think of that


Another question, the acer models are like such: A315-41-R540

Does it matter if the last section is different? One screen i found is A315-41-R3RF. Would it fit?


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One thing to note is that laptop makers generally don't make their own LCD screens; rather they almost always buy them off the shelf. The best way I've found to replace a broken one is to open it up and get to the back side of the LCD so you can take note of the actual manufacturer and model number of the LCD itself, regardless of what it's in.

Do a search based on that information rather than your laptop and there's quite often the chance you'll find other brands of computers that use that same screen, and at times they may be sold substantially cheaper than a replacement that says it's specifically for the laptop.

As an example, I went to replace an Acer Chromebook screen and found the same LCD used on a Compaq computer that I was able to get much cheaper than the ones being sold for the Acer.

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Also a cheat code to put IPS in a laptop that never came in it with the right hardware. I've done it before, but you can really only upgrade to IPS.

If you can find a nicer IPS matte screen for the same money as the "identical" screen used by the OEM and it works, I always upgrade them to matte IPS.


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