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Unveiled at the 2000 North American International Auto Show on January 10, 2000, the redesigned 2001 Dodge Caravan and 2001 Chrysler Town & Country were released for sale in August 2000.

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Why does power window not work on drivers door?

The window won't come down.When you push the button it acts like it gets stuck.It moves less than an eighth of an inch up and down.I have a 2001 Dodge Caravan.

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I have a 2006 pacifica pass windows wont go down. No back up lights.and fans wont kick on.need diagnostic help locating grounds.can anyone help


Replaced window regulator and switch and window still isn’t working... any ideas?


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washskins59, it is posible that it is your motor, or your regulator binding. Try this first" POWER WINDOW MOTOR TEST

If the power window motor is receiving proper current and ground and does not operate, proceed with motor test. Refer to the appropriate wiring information.

(1) Remove front door trim panel and sound pad as necessary to gain access to power window motor wire connector,

(2) Disconnect power window motor wire connector from door harness.

(3) Using two jumper wires, connect one to a battery (+) source and the other to a good ground (-).

(4) Connect the Negative (-) jumper probe to one of the motor connector terminals.

(5) Momentarily touch the Positive (+) jumper probe to the other motor connector terminal.

When positive probe is connected the motor should rotate in one direction to either move window up or down. If window is all the way up or down the motor will grunt and the inner door panel will flex when actuated in that one direction.

(6) Reverse jumper probes at the motor connector terminals and window should now move in opposite direction. If window does not move or grunt, replace the motor.

If window moved completely up or down, reverse the jumper probes and cycle window to the opposite position to verify full operation.

If motor grunts and does not move, verify that regulator is not binding"

If that is okay, you want to check the switch

"(1) Remove the desired switch to be tested from the door trim panel. Driver’s side (master) or passenger side.

(2) Using an ohmmeter, Test driver door switch for


Block Image

If you do need a new window motor, or regulator, check these instructions out. WINDOW REGULATOR - POWER REMOVAL


(1) Remove the watershield.

(2) Remove door glass retaining clips and secure the window in the up position using masking tape or equivalent.

(3) Disconnect wire connector from power window motor, if equipped.

(4) Loosen screws attaching front and rear window guide rails to inner door panel.

(5) Remove screw heads on guide rails from key hole slots in inner door panel.

(6) Loosen screws attaching regulator to inner door panel.

(7) Remove regulator from inner door panel.

(8) Extract rear guide rail through inner door panel rear access hole

(9) Extract front guide rail through front access hole.

Block Image

Hope this helps, good luck.

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I had the same problem , it was my brushes in the motor they had worn down. Hope over to a Radio Controlled car hobby shop and pick up some brushes from an RC motor ($6). There will b 2 brushes on a wire make sure you get the ones that have the wire coming out the back and not the sides. Now the brushes will be a bit big but thats no problem as you can sand it down to fit inside the housing. Remove the screw that hold the motor in place and unclasp the 2 plastic clips that hold the motor in place. Angle the motor at an angle and unhook the springs that push the brushes to the armature. pull out the brushes, unscrew the 2 screws on the bottom and remove the magnetic housing the armature (large motor looking part inside the housing) the top is where the brushes make contact with the armature sand it down so it is clean and shiny again, blow out the housing to get rid of any dirt inside. Now clip the wires and measure the wires so it will fit snug in the housing and sand down the brushes so they fit smoothly in the top housing, solder the wires together, not too much lead as the wire eats up lead and will get still if you put too much. now to assemble: (the tough part) slide the armature in the housing and let it sit at the bottom half insert the brushes with no springs at the plastic top, insert the top and bottom together till it sits flush the housing only goes in 1 way so check the alignment of your 2 bottom screws if its not flush you have it on backwards. Now screw the 2 halves together and insert your brushed all the way (don't insert them all the way till you have the armature in and the housing screws together or it will snap the brushes and you have to start over with new brushes) once the brushes are inserted put the retaining springs back in make sure the brushes touch the armature top and screw it all back on the door and put the clips back. Now test your door , it will be noisy but it will work for a few years as the brushes are for high speed motors.

Good Luck


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Why doesn't the left window power to the window down


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It was the regulator. John's Glass Company came out and just charged for the part pretty much. I gave him a new motor that didn't fit as a 'tip';)

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Glad you got it fixed Frank. When they bind up like that, it's most likely the regulator cable. The wheels they move on are plastic, and over time wear down, and the cable gets bound up in the track.


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It's the master window switch that needs to be replaced!

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Same car, same problem, installed TWO new switches (in case one was DOA), no luck.


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Could be the wires got compromised at the drivers side door where they go through. Might want to open the housing and check it out

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