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Repair guides and disassembly information for the 14-inch MacBook Pro released in October of 2021, featuring Apple-designed M1 Pro and M1 Max SoCs. Model A2442.

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Battery related (?) issue after water damage repair

So my 2021 MacBook Pro 14'' had some liquid damage after which the computer initially did not boot up. Opening up the laptop I saw some corrosion in one spot of the mother board that had also two loose capacitors that were shorted. After cleaning up the corrosion and removing the capacitors the short was gone and I was able to boot it up (as I was guessing the capacitors were doubled up for redundancy) when I also disconnected the battery data cable temporarily.

However now there appeared a problem, where the fans are spinning 100% the whole time. Reading a bit on this issue I think the problem is with some (battery?) sensors. Also, when shutting it down, I am not able to boot it up on when not plugged into the wall. Still, when turned on the battery holds it's charge very well as it should. Once disconnecting from the wall when shutting down, it does not boot up unless the battery data cable is again temporarily disconnected.

Additional info: when not booting up after shut down, it draws 21V (without turning on), which seems normal voltage when operating, but no current is drawn. However, after battery data cable disconnect-connect it starts off with 5V and then when motherboard boots up it climbs to 21V as it should.

TL;DR: Liquid damage causes the fans to spin at 100% and for booting up the laptop one needs to disconnect the battery data cable for a second.

Update (03/09/24)

Here are the pictures from the board. On the keyboard side there seems to be no corrosion or damage at all. From the corroded areas I did a close up picture - hope it helps.

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

The output from apple_sensors can be seen here:

Block Image

As for the powermetrics - which sections are of interest? There is a lot of output for each run

Update2 (03/09/24):

I cleaned up the buggered up cable and the corresponding socket that are visible on the 4th picture. The powermetrics output can be found at

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Ran CoconutBattery, everything there is normal. Also, tried disconnecting the battery totally (as maybe this will reset something), but this did not seem to help.



1. Post hi-res photos of board both sides, with some markings, where did you have damage

2. Post screenshot of or any similar tool to list all temp sensors

3. post terminal > powermetrics


Boardview is easy to find on google / using BRD + Boardnumber pattern (use to identify board if you cant find number)

To view BRD file use latest Openboardview:


@inwerp The requested details can be found in the edited question.


Photos are quite low res, but is seems there is no damage but some liquid around nands and 3v8 power supply. The best would be CCD scan images with high DPI and low 90 JPEG quality.

powermetrics: just pipe it to a text file and upload it somewhere.

check understickers, especially one with water trace on it. there is a main power controller underneath it. inspect power button and trackpad for any liquid. so far i see no relevant damage to described behaviour.


@inwerp - Did you note the buggered up cables in the 4th image? Its possible the traces have been compromised.


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Removing the damaged caps may have allowed the system to run, but you likely over stressed the remaining caps in the circuit.

At this point you need to identify the values of the removed caps and replace them. Referencing the schematics and board view drawings you also need to identify them with in the circuit to also identify the components that have now failed due to overload and maybe additional liquid damage.

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Thanks for the quick reply! The computer still runs, but boots after the data cable reset. Indeed, I was planning to replace the removed caps, though so far I have been unable to source BV files.


@lauritst - Apple is getting tighter with Schematic & Board view drawings so they aren't falling out of the window as they once did. There are some folks who reverse engineer systems for competitors and they often leak out their cut but they do have errors (and if Apple is still in the design process they can be missing or have errors too: EVT & PVT labeled). Jump over to BadCaps You'll need to join to post Q's


@danj Thank you very much for the tip. Indeed, now I found the relevant schematics


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