Random, non-repeatable shutdowns (even in Bios and while plugged in)

I’ll be honest, this is probably my own fault. I got this laptop as a gift after a friend quit a job and she gave me the laptop they originally gave her (i am ASSUMING they gave her permission to keep it)

i decided to use it as a Linux computer just as a project, and had gotten Minecraft running on it, then fell asleep while working on it with Minecraft open and woke up to it hot and while not dead, refusing to boot past bios. I reinstalled Linux and got it running fine again (no more Minecraft tho) but now it will randomly shut down, even when plugged in. It works great other than that. At first I thought it was a Linux issue so to test the hardware to rule it out I put it in bios and left it there while watching it and made sure it didn’t power down itself (it will present the 30 second shutdown warning) But it still did shut down on its own without displaying the warning. Battery health is over 85%, drivers are good from what I can tell, honestly there’s nothing wrong with this laptop at first glance.

In short I am confident, but not beyond a shadow of a doubt, that this is a hardware issue and therefore this should be answerable even without a knowledge on Linux, I really only mention its operating system just in case someone recognizes the issue and in case anyone asks me to use windows commands to check it (I can but it will be in a virtual desktop).

Any idea where to look? And please be civil, this is a project I’m learning with, if you can’t answer it because of Linux that’s fine, I’m looking for someone who maybe can.

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