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Model number: 20R1000RUS, Released in June 2019

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Display/ screen has failed many times

Hello, I have had this Gen 7 Lenovo Carbon X1 Since 2020. The details are below but the summary of this text is basically me asking if this model has screen/ display issues or if I've just had bad luck and should keep fixing it or give up altogether and buy a new laptop even though other than the display this one works incredible well.

A few months in to buying this brand new laptop off the lenovo website, the screen started failing, when I would try to turn it on, the screen would be black and the computer would make a noise. I sent it in a few times, and every time it'd be fine for a few days or weeks if I was lucky and fail again but since I had already sen t it in twice, they began ignoring my requests for repais until I upped my warranty and was able to actually talk to someone who told me they had never replaced the screen and sent a technician to my house to do so. By this time 3 years had passed and I had put the computer aside and bought another since it was unusable without an external display and I travel a lot so I needed a functional laptop. When the technician changed the screen, he didn't seal the bottom well, which I pointed out to him and he said this wasn't a problem. A year later the screen began failing again, but this time it's mostly flickers and has different color stripes go through it, and goes black and blue and pink and all the colors hahah, BUT I can jimmy it around and put pressure on certain points and it goes back to being perfect until I move it or touch it a certain way, or close it, and so I've been doing that for about 6 months. My dilemma now is that I would like to change the screen because I'm going abroad again and I don't want my screen which I rely on for work to die on me again overseas, but I don't want to invest in another screen if every screen I end up getting is going to be faulty. Is this a screen defect of this model or have I just had bad luck with these past 2 and the lenovo repair technicians?

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Hi @jennyferreiras

You could just be unlucky.

Here's the hardware maintenance manual for the laptop.

Go to p.41 to view the procedure for how to do an LCD test. Do this when the display is normal and check if the test is OK or not. Also do not touch the laptop once the test has started and until it has been completed, just to see if the problem occurs by itself or it is related to movement/vibrations caused by the user.

Do this a few times just to make sure.

If the test appears to be OK then run it again and try the following:

Move the screen slowly back and forth and check if it occurs. If so apply gentle pressure on and off to the left hinge and then also on the lid cover at the bottom approx. 1/3 →1/2 of the lid width from the left hand side (when viewed from the front) and check if you can make the problem occur. The video cable goes from the motherboard through the hinge and onto the LCD panel and sometimes the cable can be damaged as it passes through the hinge or there may be a loose connection on the LCD panel, although the technician would have checked the LCD connection when replacing the LCD panel.

If you can't determine exactly where the problem is then on p.96 it details the procedure to remove the LCD panel from the laptop.

This will allow you to inspect the cable for any damage, the video cable connection at both ends and also to change the LCD panel.

If you wish to change the LCD panel here's the parts list¹ that may help.

Click on Select Commodity → LCD panels (9) to find the part numbers for all the LCD panel types that can be installed in the laptop. Usually the part number for the LCD panel can be found somewhere on the back of the panel itself, if you wish to verify that you're getting the same one as you have now, as some are touchscreen, non touchscreen, have different resolutions e.g. FHD or UHD etc.

If the LCD video cable is the problem click on Select Commodity → Cables Internal (6) to find the Cable coax part numbers. The part number is usually on the cable as well if you wish to verify.

Search online for the applicable to your particular model part number only to find suppliers that suit you best.

¹ The parts list is for an X1 Carbon 7th Gen Type 20QD model and the part numbers for the Type 20QE model as far as the LCD panels and LCD video cables are concerned, are the same. (I didn't check the rest of the parts). The Type number (MT) can be found on the product info label on the bottom of the laptop.

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Okay, I will try this test tonight, thank you soso much, this has been the most helpful attempt at an answer in years hahah. Thank you thank you!


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