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Repair and disassembly guides for the Nintendo Switch OLED Model, announced and released in 2021.

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My Oled switch won’t charge HELP!

Recently, my Switch died (4-6 days ago). Initially, it wasn’t completely dead; I could press the power button, and it would show the icon until a day later from trying so much. I attempted to charge it with five different chargers and different outlets, but nothing worked. However, there were a few times when I saw the charging icon. I was searching for someone to repair it until I bought a five-dollar charger (USB-A to USB-C), plugged it into my Switch, and it worked. When I brought it home (it was at 9% charge), I tried to dock it with the Nintendo licensed charger and dock, but nothing appeared. Once I tried to plug it back in with my charger/portable charger, it went back to not charging. I honestly have no idea what to do, but I feel like I can fix this since it did charge. There’s no dirt in my charging port pins, nor is there any bending. I truly don’t know what’s wrong. I’ve only had this Switch for a year and a quarter. Please help 😭 I’m desperate, but sending it in for repairs is too expensive for me, as the total would be $180 (including shipping). If someone could possibly help me with this and tell me if the issue is the charging port, M92 chip, battery, or anything else, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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:( Unfortunately there are so many components tied into it. Without taking it apart and running the gambit of tests there's simply no way of knowing which component in particular is the culprit. It isn't always the M92, nor the usb C port. Sometimes even a short on the LCD connector can cause power issues. Like I said, too many possible points of failure to just guess at it. Needs a full diagnostic.

$180 sounds steep.

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It is, but I don’t know where else to go because I’ve called 30 different repair shops, and all of them are way out of my budget. I’m from Northern California.. I don’t know what to do. The 180 price is what I Would be charged if I sent it into nintendo


I'm in NorCal as well, only guy I know of in my neck of the woods that does electronics repairs. I don't own a "legit" shop, so I have very little in terms of overhead, I just fix peoples stuff. :) "Legit" shops every second is measured in dollars because they have leases and employees to pay. Shame on Nintendo, it's not like they'd spend 15 hours fault finding, they'd just swap out the board. On Ebay used ones are going for, in some cases, less than $180. Well any way good luck.


Do you know if there’s anyone around the area that would be able to fix it for about 120 or less? Or this might be weird but is there any chance that you could help me fix it?


This guy does good work. He's in SoCal though. I contacted him yesterday evening. He said for a Nintendo Switch where the symptom is "not charging" it's a minimum of $100, with a maximum of $150. This will depend greatly upon what exactly is wrong. He definitely isn't one of those guys that lies and scams. He does clean legit business.

He streams repairs on youtube for a number of hours nearly every day. If you want to watch him work before deciding.

My advice is to be patient save enough money to get it repaired in a legit fashion where the work is warrantied and legally documented. This is for your safety.

Sorry I make it a strict policy to not do "mail ins". All my repairs are "local only".


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