The Dell Inspiron 1500 is available with a range of Intel processors (from the 1.86GHz Celeron M M540 up to the T7500 2.2GHz Core 2 Duo).

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Fresh install of windows 7 from another machine?

hello all!

Recently contracted some strange things on my inspiron after being without any security on it for around 15 days. Hosts file is hijacked and when trying to repair it does not work. Recently it decided to shut down and now after power it goes to a black screen with just a text line blinking. Wondering if im able to do a fresh install of windows 7 from my new computer that has windows 7. I know the product key for the one on the dell but have no windows 7 disc and am trying to avoid the 170$ price tag of a new OS. Appreciate any advice!

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Use your new computer to download any version of a Live CD of Linux, I prefer Puppy Linux ;-). Start your laptop and set the Bios so that it allows you to boot form CD. Use the Live CD to explore your hard drive, if it has more than one partition, it should still have the recovery partition. The partition is installed from wherever the computer comes from, not the retail store. It should have one. Check on the link that I left on my other comments and follow the instructions for System Restore. BTW, what have you tried so far to repair your OS? as for reinstalling any OS, yes you can use a different disk for as long as you have the COA number for that particular disk. You do not have to use a Dell specific. That just makes life easier, but is not a necessity. It might also be worthwhile to contact Dell and see if they can provide you with some assistance for a recovery disk.


Here is the link to the Dell site to request Backup Discs

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When the computer was actually able to run the OS i used Antivirus and Some software i purchased online to try and repair the hosts file that was hijaked. At the moment the computer in question (dell) will not get past the dell icon with loading bar, once it ends loading it is a black screen with a blinking text bar and pressing of any key the computer chimes. It had been working up untill today it just shut off durring use.


Okay, did you try to repair the install? Have you tried to boot into safe mode? You might still try to repair your version. The only other way that I would strongly suggest is to go and download a legal copy here download the version that is supported by your COA number, i.e. Windows 7 Home Premium. I guess what I am trying to say is, the same version as you had on your computer before. Once you have it downloaded, burn it to disk and use that to install it to your computer. Your COA number should work for it. Of course read the instructions and see what you think.


Here is the way to do it, and this is just to verify for yourself that we are going the right way.

"If your operating system is VISTA / Win 7, Start the computer.

As the computer starts, press the F8 key until the Advanced Boot Options menu appears on the screen.

Press the (Down Arrow) to select Repair Your Computer on the Advanced Boot Options menu, and then press Enter.

Specify the language settings that you want, and then click Next.

Log in as a user who has administrative credentials, and then click OK.

Click Dell Factory Image Restore.

In the Dell Factory Image Restore window, click Next.

Click to select the check box for Yes, reformat hard drive and restore system software to factory condition.

Click Next. The computer is restored to the default factory configuration.

When the restore operation is completed, click Finish to restart the computer. "

If you cant see the Dell factory image restore option in the list, then you will need a restore disc because you don't have the image/partition.


Sorry for the late response , i had things i had to tend to durring late afternoon. I am currently downloading the file from the link you posted in hopes that i can put it on a disc and do the install with my key. Just wondering if im going to need to burn it to a DVD disc as it is a 3.1 gb file or if i can put it on any disc? Thanks for the detailed info!


also if you could recommend a ISO burner i can use that'd be great as well!


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I believe you should be able to press F11 or CTL+F11 when the system is first turned on to boot into the recovery partition. This will allow you to factory install your OS back onto your boot drive.

However, I would download something like Knoppix or Ubuntu Linux, burn the iso to a disc, then boot it ... you can then use *nix to copy off any data to say a thumb drive or removable usb drive.

For the best value, if your say upgrading from vista, get the WIn 7 family pack with 3 licenses, its around $160 or so on Amazon vs like $110 for a single upgrade license.

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hmm, it seems f11 and ctrl f11 have no use. I can get into bios but i don't see any way to completely do a reinstall. When the computer was at least booting to to the home screen i tried to system restore and there were no restore points. I checked another forum and they said to use F8 for advanced boot options and that does not work either. Only ones that work are F2 and F12 wich give a few options but not any that seem to do the trick. If i just let it go and load when its on the black screen with no text if i press certain buttons the machine beeps. Unsure of what the issue is.


this one probably had disks and were lost anyway, i loose disks so much, I believe it is easier to have a clean image of your HDD to use or something


mikeMacNewb, before you buy anything new, check to see if your computer still has the recovery partition. When the system boots, immediately press the Ctrl and F11 keys at the same time and you will enter the Dell Recovery Restore Utility.There is also the possibility it might work when you hold down the number 0 key or the F5 on startup. Follow the instructions that show up,and the restore should complete in approximately 8-15 minutes. Remember that this will restore, so your files that have not been backed up, will be lost. has all the information on how to restore. Of course, if your laptop is second-hand or if the hard drive has been upgraded, the recovery partition might not be there. Hope this helps to clarify further.


I purchased it from a retail store about a year ago, i was in a rush and needed to snag one quickly so I'm unsure if that means theres no recovery partition. Ive tried ctrl f11, I've tried F8, I've tried F5, nothing seems to be doing anything. I'm assuming it means theres no recovery partition.


footnote: if you talk with an uber-geek in your area their are Windows 7 and Vista Discs that let you install any version of the OS -- from a single disc.

I use them in my shop so I can use one disc to install win 7 and then plug in the OEM key on the side of the computer ... or use it to install Win 7 when upgrading from Vista. Since it has a 30 day activation period the user can go home with a fully functional machine the same day and I just order in Windows 7 from say Amazon, and remotely activate it using the purchased license key.

Last, Windows 7 will work fine on laptop upgrades that originally came with Vista, however, using an all-in-one Vista disc to re-install Vista on your laptop you can run into big issues. I believe I noted this before where you would have to order the DFI (Default Factory Install) disc from the company you purchased the computer from e.g. Dell.

When I get a Vista machine in, I just recommend an upgrade to Windows 7 right off the bat. I've not had any problems installing Windows 7 on laptops, it just picks up the drivers and works.


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I would buy the 7 builder's copy for 100.00,

It will not work, that is a OEM key, and while not to that system, it is married to the computer you are talking about because it has been activated in advance for you, sorry

here is the 64 bit

32 bit

Linux is a very nice option if you don't want to buy windows, I agree with using Ubuntu, i use it on my second PC exclusively because it had Vista, and it runs WELL on it because of all the specifications vista needs

Now to answer your concerns about reusing keys: the key is MARRIED to the system installed on, no matter what you do

BUT if the hardware matches, it will work in the end, but it has to be the EXACT same hardware

That is all there really is to licensing issues

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Hmm, im aware that my New PCs windows 7 key will not work but i have the Key for the dells windows 7. Im just in need of a way to re-install it and was unaware if i could just use my HP to do the install and when prompted use the dells original key for its on Windows 7


it will not work in any way, it will be rejected every time, sorry


alright was just checking. Thanks for the info


seriously, the system builder's is a bargain, if you can live without free support(you get 3 free incidents otherwise, which I never used more then one with Office, not that needed in my opinion)


with system builder will i be able to install windows 7 home premium as that is what currently is on the dell. 64 bit and I have the product key written down so that I dont have to purchase a whole new 7 disc and product key and such,.


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