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The PlayStation 3 Slim is the second version of the PS3 video game console produced by Sony Computer Entertainment. It was released September 1, 2009.

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PS3 slim wont read discs and wont spin

recently my ps3 slim 120gb froze during gameplay and i shut the system off. Afterwards i turned it back on and it wasnt reading the disc so i took the disc out and put it back it. immediatly i noticed the disc light didnt come on and then after one or two seconds after inserting the disc it makes a noise like it is trying to eject the disc. i then eject the disc and it comes out fine. please help i am at a loss here.

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everytime i try and put a disc the ps3 makes a click sound after,then it doesnt let me play none of games

by Louis

got the same problem i insert the disk i wait and then i hear the eject sound i get it out and repeat ... some of the time with mass effect 3 it start loading get the ea connection but when i load my game it just stop loading or something .... the image itself still moves and the music plays , nyone got any ideas aqbout how to fix this...

by LOuis

i was recently playing black ops 2 and the servers went down. so i had to turn my ps3 off then back on again and then loaded the game accept it didnt load the game, instead the screen just sat there black for over 20 minutes then i had to go look up videos on how to fix this problem then i came across this one video that told how to fix it but then as i was finished the ps3 3 thought there was a disk already in there so i couldnt even get an inch of the disk in there and when i manually layed the disk in the blue ray drive it didnt even spin. so thats pretty much it someone plz help me with this problem

by AiZe DeMoLiSH

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This from a recent answer of mine to a similar question. First off, this is to clarify that I have not come across any guides for adjustments on the loading mechanism. There is a decent video on that shows how to replace the laser. It might show you more of the optical drive. Now, if you check this video, it appears that there is a possibility that this error is caused by a misaligned laser and spindle motor. If it does not pull the disk in, then there is a problem with the loading mechanism. If it does not read the disk, it is most likely an error with the laser assembly. Whatever the case may be, you will have to either disassemble your optical drive and further investigate, or replace the drive. Hope this helps, good luck.

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When the laser does not fire up, the slim PS 3 System drops the lens back down, and that is the click or noise you are hearing.

Very simple to replace the lens, cost of lens for the older slim system is down to 25-30 Dollars now.

by hitpatel2

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My name is Stephen.w and I'm here to help you. It's not the disc or the laser it's the disc stopper what your gonna need to do is remove the back panel and by the door of your disc cover you'll see a little plastic wing slide the cover back and there's your problem lift up the little tab and insert a small pick or something what I did was I got a small plastic pick and cut it in a angle and made one side big and the other small and dipped it in super glue and placed it in and that's it disc spins and now you can play. Now remember if wemon don't find you handsome they'll at least find you handy lol ps for the PS3 super slim

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