How do I replace my damaged micro usb (soldered) port?

Hey all,

The micro usb (soldered) is broken on my WD Elements SE 1TB external hard drive. So I can't plug in my cable.

My product serial, WDBABV0010BBK-00.

My SATA serial, WD10TMVV.

I manage to find an image online that is a similar model. Here is a close look of the micro usb.

I have identified the micro usb to be a micro-b. However I am not so sure what is that black color, 2 holes thingy underneath that micro usb port? That electronic part is not something that is available on the market. I guess it is WD proprietary.

So my question is can I buy a micro usb online and replace it?

If I am going to do the desoldering/soldering. What should I take note of? Must I remove the hard disc from the PCB before I do the soldering?




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Hey guys,

Good news!

My housemate has managed to get the data off from the drive by soldering fine gauge electrical wires to the individual prongs in the micro usb. Those has to be some mad skills given the fact that micro usb is the smallest among all.

The next thing I will do is to fix the external drive.

I will need to see if my housemate has an idea for that.

Will update.


My HTC Droid Incredible phone is dead for the same reason. Verizon refuses to stand behind it. So I got an iPhone 4S. BUT, I don't want to junk the Incredible. So, if any of you have REPLACED a micro USB jack by yourself, please let me know it can be done. Now I've just got to closely rewatch the Incredible tear-down video of the Incredible that I found through



It can be done with a soldering iron that has a 1/64" conical tip, soldering paste (paste that is a flux solder mixture) and decent optics. Care needs to be given when removing what is left of the old port so you don't rip up any solder pads. The job does require a little above average soldering skills or experience anyways.


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