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Announced on October 16, 2014, identifiable by the model number A1347 and EMC 2840.

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Mac not signal receiving from monitor

I have a 2014 Mac mini with a monitor connected via HDMI, that is going pink when waking up , I was told It's a on-board video problem, To solve this I was told to try and connect the monitor via a dock , I have connected a usb-c dock to the Mac via a usb-C to usb-A adapter , then a HDMI cable from monitor to the dock, when the monitor is connected the power light is on but the monitor isn't receiving a signal from the mac , and there is power to the dock because it has a blue light on it , I know the dock is Working because I have connected a usb mouse to it,

any help wold be greatly appreciated



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Sadly the person who told you a USB-C hub was mistaken, the 2014 Mac Mini’s doesn’t support USB-C via USB-A as USB-A doesn’t offer video output.

This series uses either an older Thunderbolt or mDP connected display. The mDP to HDMI adapter you where using is the only other alternative.

If you had a newer USB-C or Thunderbolt-3 based Mac (2020 M Series based Mac Mini) you could then use a USB-C cable directly to the USB-C display or into a USB-C hub which offers a USB-C to HDMI adapter function.

Let’s see if we can get you going correctly here - Have you tried a different mDP to HDMI adapter or a second display?

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no I haven't tried a different mDP to HDMI adapter, I have tried a second display that also went pink, I have been told the problem with the 2014 Mac mini's is the on-board video


this is the kind of adapter I am looking at

VersaLink™ Dual HD Video Universal Dock



@lethal99887 - Just like a car which is diesel, you can't put gasoline into its tank! As it won't work.

You idea of an USB-C Hub/Adapter thinking you can connect it to a USB-A port of your system just doesn't work in the same way as in the car example.

Well... This is not good if a second display reacts the same then that rules out the display but you do need to rule out the mDP to HDMI adapter to be sure thats not the issue, must likely it's not.

Which focuses onto the logic board and the one and only graphics service it has. If we look at the EveryMac listing for this system we can see the Intel graphics engine within the CPU chip is all there is Mac mini (Late 2014) There is just no means to get around this, sorry.

But replacing the logic board is quite easy! Mac mini Late 2014 Logic Board Replacement They can be found for less than $200 if you hunt and a bit more if you want the 16GB version. Google 'mac-mini A1347 late 2014 logic board' to see what you can find. Good Luck!


@danj sorry I gave you the wrong information, the Mac mini is still going pink but this morning I have connected the system to a 2011 HDMI tv using the same HDMI cable that was connected to the hp monitor , I've woken the system up 3 times from sleep and it hasn't gone pink yet, the cable is connected directly to the Mac without an adapter

as far as the mDP to HDMI adapter would this one work

Comsol Male Mini DisplayPort to Female HDMI Adaptor 20cm


@lethal99887 - I’m not sure if your issue is within the adapter or maybe the system. While you’ve gotten a bit more of useful info with your test. The TV frequency is different than what a computer display runs at. So this may not be the solution, even still it’s worth the effort! Deducing the problem down.


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