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Repair guides and support for the OnePlus 5T, an Android smartphone with a 6.01" AMOLED display. Released in November 2017. Successor to the OnePlus 5. Model number: A5010.

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Bottom Housing Screw Size Measurements

Hey guys, I went to a repair store who clearly did not know what they were doing. The phone screen was fixed but they messed up the signal cable, they didn’t connect the speaker cable, and most importantly, when opening the phone, I noticed there were no bottom housing screws. I could fix everything but locating where to buy these screws were difficult. I decided to go to a hardware store to get them, but what do I even ask for? I’m frankly new to finding certain types of screws with measurements, so help would be appreciated. If not, do you guys think adhesive would work? I really REALLY don’t wanna use adhesive as that ruins the point of the phone being easy to open, but if it’s gotta go there then it’s too bad.

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@neilkumaran not sure about your hardware store but mine definitely would not have those. They are small metric screws. You would have a better chance asking a camera repair person or I would check with somebody that repairs cellphones for a living and see if they can spare those screws.

If nothing else, you can look into purchasing a complete screw set. Something like this This is not an endorsement, just an example of what to look for. Going by the markings that I found, those screws are all metric from M2.0 M2.5 and M3.0 but no idea about the length. To find out what screw to use where, you would need to look through the guides OnePlus 5T as well as plenty of YT videos. Not difficult just time consuming

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@oldturkey03 Exactly my train of thought, but the ifixit customer support guy I spoke to said to check hardware stores, I guess he meant it on a more broad way.

Checking the Oneplus 5T repair guide, it states “T2 2.5mm” but when googling replacements, some look bigger, some look smaller. Hell, i don’t even know what the 2.5mm measures. I’ve been searching for a while and I found an aliexpress listing, and i’m not sure if i wanna get it, as shipping takes way too long.

What do you think would be the closest thing I can use? If you want photos I can always send them, just let me know.


@neilkumaran yes, I should have mentioned that. iFixit does things a bit different. People on those guides have a tendency of measuring the length of the screw but not the diameter. So as in what gets measured the proper way, is the diameter of the screw. That is listed as the M(etric) 2.5 (mm diameter) followed by the x number( which is the length).

Example M2 x 2.5 Means a 2 mm thread screw that is 2.5 mm long (without the head) the T is commonly use for Torx. Often you see P before those indicating it's a Philips head screw. Hope that make sense.


@oldturkey03 alright, so now that i know that the length of the screw is 2.5mm long, should I just put a ruler next to the screw hole and just take that as the diameter?

let’s say for example, the diameter is 3

would I be searching for a screw that’s

M3 x 2.5?

also, does it really matter if it’s torx or phillips? i have both but just in case i find one but not the other, would it make a difference?


@neilkumaran a ruler, tape measure etc. would work if it has markings for mm's Ultimately a pair of calipers would be the right tool. 99% of the time it will not matter if it is torx or phillips, but I do like to stay away from slotted screws.

Yes, by your example I see you got the instructions right :-)


okay great, I think I’m going to figure out this repair now. Thank you so much for your help. If I find the correct screw size I will update the post so anybody else can get help. I’m so glad you assisted me.


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