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Battery not charging at any base
The battery isn't charging when at the homebase.
So...I took it to a base that I know works as I have 3 roombas with each their own charging station.
Still not charging but the roomba that goes to this base does charge.
Cleaned off the contacts - failed
Reset the roomba - done but still won't charge.
Took the battery out of the failed roomba and installed it in another one of my other roombas - battery charges. I put the battery back in the original roomba - fails - no charging.
For the hell of it I ordered another battery - failed - still won't charge.
Placed new battery in other roomba - works- battery charges.
I know it's making contact with the base because when the defective roomba moves to the charger it stops BUT the light stays green ( doesn't flash orange to indicate charging is active) The battery indicator slow flashes but then it disappears along with the green lit power button telling me no charging is happening.
I checked the contact pins and they are secure. No movement.

So...What say you guys?

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I am having this same issue.

I check the connection between the battery terminal and the connection pad. The left one works, right one failed.

I took it apart and checked the pins on the circuit board, they all seemed to be fine and making good connection. I want to assume that it's the wire between the circuit board and battery terminal, but not completely certain. Can't find a schematic to help me tease the wires apart.

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Yeah...I agree.

It's weird how this just started to happen in just the last week or so.

If it comes to then I'll just pull this puppy apart without a schematic and see what I find. I mean it's kinda useless if the battery don't charge unless I keep taking it out and charge it by swapping it out with one that is charged.

Hopefully there's a more simple solution but I doubt it.

Thanks for your reply.


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