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Released in May 2020, the 13" MacBook Pro features quad-core Intel 10th generation Core i5 and i7 processors, and Intel Iris Plus integrated graphics. (Model A2251/EMC3348 with four Thunderbolt 3 ports)

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Developer Beta Sonoma prohibits thunderbolt charging, need some help!


I used the developer beta macOS 14 Sonoma since it came out. At some point the version blocked the charging. When the cable was plugged in, the MBP froze and went into kernel panic.

Apple got the feedback and the reports. While the battery was charged I tried the usual resets and keyboard combos. From Apple they confirm that with the next version of Sonoma I can charge the MBP as usual

Unfortunately, the laptop was already with not battery %. The hardware and the battery have a good status. When the laptop was running in battery, there was no kernel panic. It was happening immediately when I was plugging in the cable to recharge

I went to Apple and asked if they could collaborate and give a quick recharge to the battery not through the thunderbolts and they wanted to replace the logic board, battery and recover the system to the current latest Ventura. I refused because the price was 3 times more on the trade in value of the MBP. Now I want to open and fix it.

Update: I have studied all the articles here in iFixit and I have done an extensive research online, read articles, watched repair videos etc.

The question is: Once I open and disengage the battery, how to I recharge it without removing it? Furthermore, is there a way to power the device from the thunderbolts or from the battery connection spot, after disengaging the battery?

I just to power it enough to get and install the update, then it will charge normally.

I'm in Berlin, Germany. I am not willing to spend much therefore I will get the iFixit tools and if there is a battery charger for such cases.

There should be a method to charge the MBP battery without removing it but just using its connections. Thank you

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@pana4494 - Most of the time we are more focused on finding ways to power the logic board out of the system for testing. What if have done is with the Intel models is taken old batteries and disconnected the battery cell units salvaging the small board so I have the needed interface to mate to the logic board. Then I add a set of heavy power leads to my bench power supply setting its voltage and current limiter as needed. I'm sure Apple uses a jig to do the same thing with contact pins (Pogo's) that press against the board during Q/C. Not sure if they truly repair boards any more (a bit of green washing)

Here we need to do the inverse!

The problem is gaining access to the contacts while the battery is in place! Review this guide MacBook Pro 13" Four Thunderbolt Ports 2020 Battery Replacement Step 13 & 14 (follow the steps to it when you do this) we can see the lifting of the logic board connection to the two pads on the battery underneath

Block Image

Now you need to create a matching interface which you can secure to the battery to emulate the mate, and it can't interfere with the logic boards connector. with its leads to your bench power supply so you can properly charge your battery.

Sorry you can't use the USB-C charger here as the Quick Charge feedback is not present so the chargers power is not regulated. And you do need a bench supply that has a current limiter.

Even still you can't leave the battery under charge without some level of monitoring as you can quickly over charge it without realizing which could be disastrous! I would rig a thermal sensor on the battery and watch things very carefully noting if the battery swells & temp gets to high.

I wouldn't try fully charging, just enough to get the system to respond as needed here.

As you can see here this is not easy! And if you don't have a good way to interface with the battery you could create a short which could damage the battery as well as the system.

The other option while also not fun is just bite the bullet and replace the battery! Which without the needed tools, interface jig or even the bench power supply is the better and cheaper way to tackle this! MacBook Pro 13" Retina (A1989, A2251) Battery

MacBook Pro 13" Retina (A1989, A2251) Battery Image


MacBook Pro 13" Retina (A1989, A2251) Battery


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Yes, I have studied this article yesterday and this is what I want to do. Of course a short circuit is probable. The first option to ask from Apple Store Berlin to collaborate has been done and failed. I asked them to attach an external battery where the current battery is porting and giving power to the logic board. That would have been a simulation of a battery powered action and the logic board would have been functioning as usual until the download and installation of the update. After that, we could have reconnected the fixed battery and powered on the device. They refused. I consider the following: 1. open the MBP and just disconnect the battery totally and then plug in the thunderbolt charger. It might power on the device. I still have to try that when I get the iFixit tools. 2. I thought to visit a third party repair shop where they would be willing to assist me in this fix. Even if I pay for that it would not be charged a new battery or a new logic board like Apple Store wants to do.


Replacing the battery is what Apple Store is offering and yes that could be an ultimate solution to keep the device running. I am too curious to fix this without replacing anything. I just need some time to organise the workspace and the tools at home. Or as I mentioned above to find a third party where they already have a setting. Replacing the current battery means that it will not be reused again and it is a waste since it is in good health. The only thing I plan to do as extra, after powering on the device, is renew the thermo paste.


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Hello! A little bit of a stupid question coming, is the laptop able to charge while fully powered off? If so, it might be worth just leaving it on charge for a while, then unplugging it and booting to install the update. Thanks! @pana4494

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Hi, I have tried this and I had no results, but just for the shake of it, I have plugged in the charger now and I'll wait a couple of hours.


@ezzgen @pana4494 - That would be my first try too!

If the system isn't taking a charge then the charging logic is damaged or the battery its self has failed.

When you add in the Beta aspect here did it alter something within the firmware as that could have messed up the charging logic.

So after the OS was installed was it charging? Also what was the health of the battery before you installed the Beta?

If Apple acknowledged there was an issue within the Beta within the firmware code then you have to find a way to fix this with a dead battery. If the system turns on via the charger and you applied the Beta refresh which Apple claimed would fix this then I think you need to work with Apples Beta team on finding a solution.

I would go back to them to get something in writing to get a waver to get your system fixed by the local Apple Store under their Beta support program.

Apple has had to do that a few times I can't see why they didn't do that here.


Before the beta update installation the charging was normal. After the installation, without the cable, the laptop was running normally and I have managed also to do an online hardware check, which came ok and the battery is in good health. Apple care reached out to me and we had a talk, they have filled a report and they are certain that with the new/next beta update, the laptop will continue charging as before. This was discussed with AppleCare USA and the Apple Store in Berlin, Germany has received the report. I asked them personally to assist in finding an irregular method of powering on the device enough to get an install the update but they did not want to decline from their regular paid services. AppleCare USA has received my written report via email and through the Feedback App.


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