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The 5th Generation iPad Air was announced on March 8, 2022. It features the M1 chip and 5G connectivity.

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Does iPad air 4 screen work on iPad air 5 screen?

Does iPad air 4 screen work on iPad air 5 screen?

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In addition to Jerry's (@dadibrokeit) valuable resources and advice, I can say that I've used the same screens on Air 4 and Air 5. They are completely interchangeable in my experience. I stock one screen with one part number, and I have used it on both the 4 and 5 with no issues.

I am not sure what Jerry is talking about with the digitizer, however. The Air line (with the exception of the Air 1) has an integrated Digitizer/LCD and replacing the screen requires replacing both parts, unless you are going to go the molydinium wire/OCA glue method, which is a significantly more difficult and time-intensive process that I do not recommend unless it is your only option.

The key thing to take note of, however, is that the screen is NOT interchangable between Wifi and LTE models, so make sure you get the screen that is designed for your device. If you have a wifi only device, getting a replacement screen that is advertised for cellular models will simply not work, and vice versa.

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Is the screen sold on ifixit for wifi or cellular versions?


@fpvllama That... is a good question.

I get my tools and Google parts through ifixit but not my Apple parts. I use two different suppliers for Apple parts and they both have Wifi/Cellular listed separately and not compatible. They are the same price so it is not likely to be some price-gouging thing. I have never actually tried to put a "wifi" screen on a cellular device, or vice versa, just trusted that they were different. I took a quick look and can't notice any visual differences but perhaps something I am not seeing.

As far as ifixit's option, I do not know. It is not listed. Perhaps ifixit knows something my other suppliers don't and has a single screen that is compatible with both, or vice versa. I don't see a bunch of negative reviews saying "this simply did not work for my (wifi/cellular) tablet!", so... I don't know. Sorry.


I bought one for my wifi version ipad and it worked fine (except for the Apple Pencil now drawing weavy lines. But that seems to happen with every kind of screen replacement.).


@fpvllama Thanks for the update! We know it works on wifi for sure. If someone gets it for a cellular device and it works too, then there's some tomfoolery afoot.


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Hi Omar,

The question has been asked and answered previously.

iPad Air 5 Screen Replacement - iPad Air (5th Generation) - iFixit

Unfortunately, despite the comments that were current at the time the question was answered, as of this writing the screens are out of stock here on iFixit, at least here in the US. That may be different on the EU site, so it's worth checking if that's where you'd be buying parts from.

Otherwise the old standards will probably work as well; places like Amazon, eBay or AliExpress will usually have what you're looking for. Here's an example of one made for the iPad Air 5 on Amazon. for iPad Air 5 LCD Screen Replacement for iPad Air 5 5th Generation 2022 Display 10.9" A2589 A2591 A2588 Original LCD Glass Touch Screen Digitizer Assembly Repair Kit Black : Electronics

And another listing for the iPad Air 4 display here. HOYRTDE 10.9" Screen Replacement for iPad Air 4 4th Generation 2020 A2072 A2324 A2316 A2325 LCD Display Glass Touch Digitizer Premium Kit with Tools : Electronics

The problem I'm having is that most manufacturers are more than happy to be able to sell the same part for two different devices, thus reducing inventory and manufacturing costs. So it's a little concerning to me that these two listings are distinctly different for the two models and do not give any indication that one will work with the other.

I checked on just the digitizer as well and that seems to be the same situation where different parts are being sold for the 4th and 5th generations. The only thing I can think of is that perhaps the LCD itself is interchangeable but the digitizer isn't. That would explain why the two listings I included aren't compatible - they both include the digitizer which can't be changed between models.

I'm not sure what to say here other than perhaps some of the technicians who do this for a living can chime in here and let us know for sure. Outside of that, I'd recommend getting one that specifically says it's for your model (whichever one that is). They're a little too expensive to just randomly try buying one that may or may not work.

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