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Will my iPod touch 4g work without any screen attached?

***please take the time to read below as i need fault diagnosis if possible! thanks!****


Some time ago I dropped my Ipod Touch 4G and the screen broke. Well today I finally got around to replacing the glass with a kit i purchased. However, The LCD broke while trying to remove the shattered glass glued to the LCD.....

I noticed during dismatling and re-assembly ofthe unit that after I replaced the glass element (prior to breaking the LCD) that there seemed to be alot of heat coming from the motherboard around the volume buttons. I also noticed that I have accidentally disconnected the blue wire going to the loud speaker, however i'm not really concerned about this right now.

Anyway, after re-assembly i plugged in the old screen (with the old smashed glass still attached) and the new glass seperately, just to check everything was working fine. The ipod did not respond at all. I have attempted to plug it into the computer and see if itunes will recognize it, but it doesnt show up in any applications at all...

Will the ipod work at all without any screens attached? what i mean is, should the computer still register it? or have i damaged something more sinister in the process?

please help! i want to know wether to bother buying an LCD

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I would let it charge overnight through an AC outlet, not the computer, that way you will get more power. Try it again and see if that works. Just to be clear did you replace the whole LCD/digitzer assembly or just the digitizer? Did you damage any of the solder points on the battery, those are close to the speaker wires. That could cause the power issue.

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Hi, thanks for your answer ECE.

I changed the digitizer only, but the ipod was still working prior to disassembly. I did not end up removing the battery as i found i could lift the board enough to install the new digitizer plug without having to totally remove the battery & board. the ipod had a full charge prior to disassembly as it was still working at the time. i'll try charging with an AC outlet but my concern is that itunes and my laptop no longer recognise it as a plug in so my fear is that I fried it altogether some how.

The speaker cable became disconnected as i did not realize that the speaker was glued to the old digitizer and the instructions i found online made no mention of it so the wire was accidentally pulled as the speaker lifted if that helps...


Did you ever get anything to show up besides a white screen after it was dropped? I suspect there could be damage to the motherboard because it was dropped. That could also be the issue with it not waking up.

Did you happen to drop it in any liquid? Are any of the 3 solder points that connect the battery still in tact? I would not worry about using an AC charger, it won't effect your computer's ability to recognize it. I would try doing a hard reset on it as well. For this is you need a screen on because you need a home button. There are ways to activate the home button without a screen but I would not recommend doing it because you can damage the home button base.

My other piece of advice is get a LCD/Digitzer assembly. This way you do not have to attempt the very delicate procedure of removing the LCD from a broken digitzer.


Hi, the ipod worked fine after it was dropped. i only pulled it apart as i was tired of running my fingers over the broken glass, other than this it was perfect. no it never hit any liquid, when it was dropped it was at the top of a flight of concrete stairs, it was in a protective case but on the last stair it landed on the edge face down. ***I actually let this sit for the last 5 days without touching it hoping i could drain the battery and trigger it to automatically reset once connected to power..... and I just plugged it into my computer and i had the computer recognise the ipod FINALLY! i am only getting a white screen now on the ipod but i expected that since the LCD is broken & leaking and there is no digitizer plugged into it (unplugged it to store the ipod) so thats ok. mostly all i was worried about was that the computer would not recognize it for a few days there but now i know its not fried I have ordered the LCD/Digitizer combo a few mins ago. Thanks for your help!


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Try pressing and holding the power button and the wake button at the same time for 10 seconds. If this works you should immediatly see an apple on the white screen. It will then reload itself. this worked for me.

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